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your worst flight experiences!!

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  • your worst flight experiences!!

    The title says it all!
    Love at the first flight

    The link shows only my last flights of these last 3 years and some of 4 years ago.

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    One of my worst experiences was on an Etihad flight from Seoul to Abu Dhabi. Once I arrived at the Check in desk, the employee says me that the seat breaservation I made don't worked. I had to seat in the middle row of the plane. The plane trasported the Greek taekwondo club. I seat down and I take my laptop to work. The greek child that seated in front of me was allways playing (putting the seat from upright to down podition) and crying so, it was impôssible to work. Finally I decided to watch a movie on the vod. The whole club was speaking (I mean crying!!!!!!!!) in the aisle. Finally, they decided to sleep So, I decided to read a book. I turn on the light and there.... The men seating two seats from me say, TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!! WANT TO SLEEP!!!
    This was incredible!!!!! I was one of my worst flight ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love at the first flight

    The link shows only my last flights of these last 3 years and some of 4 years ago.


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      Continually putting your seat up and down in my face, unreasonable noise, kicking my seat etc.....they all tend to make your ears go red in the end....when my patience finally snaps.

      Happened once actually on an Olympic Airways flight (what is it about the Greeks ?)
      The woman in front of me kept banging her seat forwards and backwards, and I do mean BANGING, not gently reclining. Two drinks in my lap and half my dinner on the floor later and finally I'd had enough and gave her an earbashing (of the verbal kind. I don't strike women, much as I might want to ! ). She then complained about ME giving the cabin crew a fair bit of hassle while doing so !
      The cabin crew had I think seen a fair bit of her antics and they moved me to the seat in front of her. The Stewardess's parting shot was to invite me to test the recline mechanism of my seat....during the next drinks service would be ideal, she'd tell me when !!

      I swear to God, that was an especially hot coffee flask on that service !!
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
        (what is it about the Greeks ?)
        Yeah! Very strange
        Love at the first flight

        The link shows only my last flights of these last 3 years and some of 4 years ago.


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          Rarely do I ever have bad experiences during flight, in fact, I have a hard time naming them, but I think one I will remember was from last year, almost a year from now.

          It was December 22nd, 2011. I was onboard British Airways 92 to LHR, my first transatlantic, first long haul, first widebody, first BA flight, first 777 etc...

          Anyways, we were flying to Germany for Christmas to visit some step-family. Our itinerary that day was YYZ-LHR-DUS. We took BA092 that evening to LHR, and the flight was great! Although it was dark the whole time, the food was good, crew was pleasant, cabin was comfortable, overall the flight was good. It was extremely exciting and surreal as there were a lot of first for me! But my personal experience made the last 30 minutes of the flight Hell.

          I had been dealing with a cold for a little over a week, I had a stuffy nose and a stuffy head at that time and I was blowing my nose a lot during the flight. So, around 05:45LT, we start our descent into Heathrow from 38,000 feet if I remember correctly. About 10 minutes into our descent, I was filming out the window when I start to feel pressure in my sinuses and my ears start popping a lot. I kept swallowing and yawning to clear my ears, but I was unable to clear my left ear. And as we descended further, I felt more pressure on my sinuses. Then I began to feel a pain in my left back molar, it started faint but grew stronger as we continued to descend. A few minutes later, I was dealing with a sharp, excruciating pain in my back left tooth, right at the base/nerve ending. I had to ride it out as we descended as there was nothing I could do but drink some water and try to clear my ear. It was the worst toothache I have ever had, and I could feel the pressure still in my whole head.

          When I began to see the City lights out the window, the toothache passed and the sinus pressure began to weaken. After landing, we were bussed to T5, and while waiting in line at Security, I developed a splitting headache. We cleared security and sat down in T5 as the darkness outside faded to light. At which point my nose started to bleed while I was sitting down and I spent 15 minutes changing tissues. Only about 45 minutes after landing did my left ear clear completely. At which point I had over an hour to snoop around Terminal 5 before the connecting flight to DUS.

          Moral of the story: Don't fly with a head cold!


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            On climb out.. at about 4,000 AGL... Cessna 172 Hawk

            Sudden loud noise from the engine and then a deathly silence....

            Tightened up the leg straps and suggested to the guy in the door we might make our way OUT.... NOW.

            He didn't want to walk back to the he said... "Nah.. we'll wait till we're a bit closer"

            SO as the pilot glided it back we waited.. and waited. By this stage I had stopped looking at my alti...

            Finally he went... and as I followed I noticed him throw his pilot chute out immediately... and this was a guy who would do a 5 second delay from 2,000 ft.. so I got my main out pretty damn smartly too....

            Don't want to think about what height this was....

            IS that a different worst flight, or what?
            Holed up in a cabin in the woods.. with 3 years worth of canned goods.. and a whole bunch of guns.