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Icelandair LHR KEF Oct 12 Few pics sorry

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  • Icelandair LHR KEF Oct 12 Few pics sorry

    Airline: Icelandair
    Flight no' : 451
    Aircraft : Boeing 757-208(WL) TF-FIO
    Departure Airport: London Heathrow Gate 5a
    Departure time : 13:00
    Actual time : 13:21
    Arrival time : 16:00
    Actual time : 16:08
    Arrival Airport : Keflavik Int'l (BIKF / KEF)
    Seat : 18A

    Duration : 2 hours 35 minutes

    Tuesday 23rd October 2012

    At 8am we departed from my school; this was a school trip to Iceland visiting the south coast including Laki with around 25 of us, with 2 teachers. We made good time getting down to Heathrow and after crossing the rather cramped and dangerous road outside the terminal we lined up. It took over 15 minutes to check in with an assigned seat of 19A. Excellent, a window seat! We were given tags to go on the hand luggage and then we went through to Security which was awful. It took about 20 to 25 minutes to get through with some of my friends, 15 year olds being taken away to have their bags searched! After this we had plenty of time to relax in departures and after buying a Oasis from WHSmith, sat down and rested for a while. It was the day after the heavy fog at Heathrow and our equivalent flight yesterday left 3 hours late. Fortunately today the flight was bang on time but the fog very thick still. After a 1 hour we headed down to gate 5a, which in fact was a small airside lounge. Then we were stuck in there for over 20 minutes with the PA system failing to work. Announcements had to be done by voice and attempts to quieten everyone failed with a BMI flight also being gathered. Finally we were ready to board after SAGA class were allowed. We queued up and then someone asked, do we need our passports. So we had to gather them although people in front in my group were unaware being told they couldn't go through. As a result I was among the first of our group to go on and head down the jetway. Unfortunately no photo chance with the terminal on one side and the enclosed jetway.

    I made my way onboard and greeted the cabin crew. The two FAs replied politely although no smiles, despite I did. The cabin was excellent and looked very comfortable. I made my way to 19A and then one of my group wanted to swap seats, they were in 18A. I agreed and swapped with her and took a snapshot of the scene outside. It was very foggy as can be seen on the pictures. After a quick boarding process, doors were closed and a welcome aboard announcement made. No flight deck information all through the flight and upon pushback we were shown the safety video.

    The Rolls royce engines then started to kick into life with a roar and we soon headed out to runway 9R. The taxiway was bumpy at times but I was pleased to be on my first 757. Then suddenly the IFE started up to my surprise, having been on BA, I thought the IFE only started after take off. So I decided to take advantage of it considering filming the take off would be useless in this fog. Although I wish I had as the batteries ran out on the return trip take off!

    We then arrived at a taxiway around 1/4 down the runway. A 777 or 767 was a little way in front on its run and we taxied not far behind it. Another 767 or 777 was behind us! We waited for another minute and then we started. The engines spooled up and then what felt like full power came on. It was great fun I was literally pushed right back into my seat. Not long after we rotated and went into a steep angle and felt my stomach go as we lifted steeply up. It was great and we were soon into the cloud cover and soon broke through it. It was sunny above the blanket of clouds and we continued to climb up to 38,000ft with headwinds keeping us at 500 mph with 521 the max. It was very relaxing and time passed quickly with the IFE performing well. My dad was tracking the flight and to his worry, it went off the map. Although he did see it had landed!

    After we passed Scotland we ran into turbulence, typical of the Atlantic I assumed and the Captain never turned the seatbelt sign back on. We were offered free drinks although I declined anything as I had a drink already and a large packed lunch thanks to my mother! We hit a few more rough patches with a toilet trip fortunately timed between them; the lavatory was very smart and there were no queues due to the amount of them. The flight was very comfortable with good seat pitch and quality, with good legroom, although I was seizing up at points.

    We started descending about 20 minutes away from Iceland and the cabin was prepared for landing. The cabin crew were polite and efficient although not as friendly as BA or EI. I filmed the landing and I'll put the link on at the bottom. Iceland was very barren as I'd seen and the runway came out of nowhere. The touch down was smooth (on runway 02) with light braking and no reverse thrust. We soon arrived at the terminal which was smart and looked excellent. Security was quick although the security man despite a friendly hello said nothing. Hardly the best first impression. The baggage reclaim was quick although the bags were wet on the outside and as I'd packed a squash bottle in, I thought it was that at first!

    So then till Sunday we toured Iceland and it was excellent. Very unique and beautiful with walking on glaciers and boat trips. It was a great stay and all to soon it was over! On Sunday 28th October it was time to return on FI454. It was due to be the 757-300, so TF-FIX.

    The check in queues were long but the terminal very stylish and smart, with polite check in staff present directing people and helping them. Once again I was given a window seat, 37A, very near the rear I was guessing. We proceeded to security which was relatively quick and much more polite than Heathrow. We then had over a hour in the shopping area although with no krona to spend I simply relaxed looking after other's bags, mainly the girls who wait off to spend spend spend

    Airline: Icelandair
    Flight no' : 454
    Aircraft : Boeing 757-308(WL) TF-FIX
    Departure Airport: Keflavik Int'l (BIKF / KEF)
    Departure time : 16:30
    Actual time : 17:01
    Arrival time : 19:30
    Actual time : 19:29
    Arrival Airport : London Heathrow Gate 5a
    Seat : 36A

    Duration : 2 hours 35 minutes

    So back to flying, I got only one picture on the way back I'm afraid; the battery on my camera ran out as I forgot to charge it and no power plugs to use. We used the jetway and shame I couldn't use the camera as it was clear glass. I made my way onboard and greeted by two female cabin crew. I smiled and said hello and yet again no smiles and a simple hello. I made my way down a full TF-FIX which went on for ever! Finally I got to 37A and then swapped again with the same person as before so I was now in 36A with very good legroom. I had a good view out and I was ready to go now. Although we were late going due to a broken down lift, which had trapped one of my teacher's and two friends in as she had injured her foot badly earlier at the Blue Lagoon (sharp wooden decking and A&E, no more to be said). When they got on the senior cabin crew (late 40s, early 50s) was very rude offering no help to them (my teacher had a broken wrist too) and telling to hurry up as they were holding up the plane.

    This was appalling treatment of passengers and I don't know whether this was normal or just because our 757 was full bar one or two back row seats. The Captain and plane were the saving grace. An excellent detailed brief was given to us by him and he sounded very enthusiastic about his job and I was relaxed by the fact he sounded nicer than our FA. We taxied for 5 minutes and then lined up on what I think was runway 29. Soon as we turned on to it the Rolls Royce engines started to spool up. Then we went onto what can only be described as rocket acceleration. Despite being very nearly full, I was pushed back again and we stormed down the runway. We rotated not too long after and went into another steep powerful climb. I was expecting this after reading a previous report having the same situation with a full load on FIX and it had no problems. It was a shame my camera had packed up although I'll try to go again one day before 757s finish on the LHR runs.

    I managed one great shot of Iceland and then relaxed and watched films on the IFE. I was meaning to try one of the baguettes but I forgot and we'd already been missed out on the drinks run. requiring the call button. Then they claimed they'd asked us but they hadn't. I had an apple juice which was very good. The rest of the flight was uneventful apart from one bout of heavy turbulence although obviously normal with no seatbelt signs and after 2 and 1/2 hours we approached into Heathrow. We were held in a very tight hold for a minute (may have been the Bovingdon Hold). We then came down over London with excellent sights; Big Ben, London Eye etc. and I really needed that camera! I'm flying to LHR from Rome in April 13 (there'll be many more pics) so maybe then I'll get pics. It was very windy with the 757 bumping and I thought on finals we were going around with a loud roar of the engines. We did come down though with a sudden wind blowing us over feet above the runway. (27L) The Captain skilfully counteracted it though and we came down hard, but we landed!

    We taxied back to 5A again and my Icelandair flight was over. Heathrow was quiet with bags reclaimed quickly although someone left their passport on the plane and in fact had drifted to the back of the plane

    My conclusion on Icelandair is that they were very good. The cabin crew going were fine, however coming back they were a real let down. I was hoping they would be much better and really it was the planes itself which was the saving grace. The 757s were in excellent condition with good legroom, good IFE and smart appearance. The pilots were very good so out of 10 I'd give Icelandair 8. Just a shame about the cabin crew!

    Here is a link to my flickr page for the photos.

    Explore TKLM172’s 290 photos on Flickr!

    This link here shows my flight on the 23rd landing at Heathrow before it took us to Iceland

    The landing video will be uploaded too soon.
    Sorry for the lack of pics but I was planning to get more on the way back, until the camera gave in at Grindavik! But my school trip to Naples and Rome in April 2013 will give more pics I promise, on the BA 737s and a319s.

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    I just flew Denver-Keflavik-LHR and returned LHR-Kef-Denver on Icelandic. Aircraft on all sectors was 757-200 in nice condition. Legs were 3-hours and 7-hours with no free food provided (we knew and took our own). Good IFE.

    KEF is being upgraded and there were long lines at all the toilets. Also there is a shortage of seats while waiting for boarding to start.

    We will definitely use Icelandic for future Atlantic crossings.