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Singapore trip may 2012!

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  • Singapore trip may 2012!

    Its a long time since I've ever gone international. Now finally the exciting trip comes!
    Aircraft: B-5529(B738, Xiamen Airlines)

    Didn't do much spotting in Xiamen, since I knew we're going to SINGAPORE!! And had tons to spot there. But there was this nice KLM 777 parked at the gate:

    Climbing, some thunderstorms:

    For the first time in years, I see a non smoggy sky as I leave the coast of China

    The beautiful Pacific:

    Less than 2 hours after takeoff, suprise!

    (Parcel Islands)

    Flying over Cambodia!

    Here is a funny part:
    Mainland Chinese airlines seem to never have the captain annnounce things to passengers, they rarely do, and certainly not on this flight. So I was curious about our cruising alt.
    Here is my dialouge with a flight attendant as I remember it(Spoken in Chinese):
    Me: 你好(Hello)
    Her:小朋友你好!(Hey kid)
    Me: 请问我们的巡航高度是多少?(Whats our cruising alt?)
    Her: 3000米,一万英尺(3000m, 10,000ft)
    Me: 什么?!10000米,30000英尺吧?!(What?! You meant 10,000feet, 30,000 feet?! right?)
    Her: 不是,3000米是我们的巡航高度。(No, 3000 meters is our cruising altitude)
    We were flying way above the cumulus, and about the level of cirrus clouds, and we were at 10,000ft?
    Well, didn't take me long to find the answer was 36,000ft while looking at the screens.

    Now the exciting part:
    Descent, flying over Malaysia

    Soon, the real fun:
    We were trying to dodge some thunderheads, but eventually we flew into one and oh mannn that turbulence....Everyone on that plane felt like was screaming(except me).

    For me, a person who never seen a A380, 748, or 787 or anything "new", the landing was extremely exciting, I knew that in a few moments, i'll be seen my first A380:

    Saw some other goodies(Biman A310, Fedex A310, Emirates 777) took photos but too bad quality to share.

    PS: i was born in Singapore

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    Aircraft: B-5432(B738, Xiamen Airlines)

    Though not as exciting(since im going back to xiamen), my photograhphy skills have "improved" within the 3 days, here, you will see some pics that were accepted on Jetphotos!

    The iconic Changi tower:


    Alright, now the first things I spotted was a lion and a tiger(and a phoenix on the tail)

    now she's facing them!

    wait...wrong universe......

    First moving A380 for me. D-AIMF

    These taken during taxi:

    you wouldn't think anything special about this:

    until you see a mysterious shadow of a millitary aircraft in the sky. Maybe a takeoff from Paya Lebar?

    Here's the giant again:
    Sorry for the backlit+grainy.
    double?(or quadruple)

    Lifting out, seeing the Changi Airbase here:

    good bye Singapore!

    Had some nice scenery enroute:
    some island off Malaysia:

    rainbow forming:

    That moment also made my first success on Jetphotos:


    The trip ends in a beautiful way.......

    Comments Welcome!


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      Nice pictures! I see some have been accepted on JP. Nice job with the inflight pics!