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  • Saudi Airlines MULTI LEG FLIGHT LON

    Hi, recently i am pretty busy with school work and other stuff but this is the mini version of my report which i will post the entire one later!

    SV 34
    Schedule Departure 9:30
    Actual Departure 9:37
    Schedule Arrival 2:40
    Actual Arrival 2:21

    Me, my dad, my brother and sister were dropped off at the airport by my mother and sister for the beginning of our summer vacation. We decided to go to Saudi Arabia first before going to Pakistan to perform a religious pilgrimage, UMRAH which is very spirtitual and breath taking. Anyway we arrived at the airport pretty qucikly since we only live about 5 min away. There was practically no line so we checked in. The ground crew was nice, we asked for window seats, which were near the wing. And also the first row in the back (for additional leg room hehehe) Yup we got it. And these were nice seats, almost like buisness or first class. Well, we waited to board, and meanwhile i sat and looked at some planes take off, including BA 747, about 6-8 AA's 2 Songs, and a few other random assortment. Then came the time to board. I was so excited with the fact that the SV 744 had PTV's couldnt wait!. We entered the plane and were greeted by the fliught crew, we then headed to our seats. I was surprised to see that more then 95 percent of the flight attendants are phillipino/malaysian on a KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA airlines flight! we got seated and the flight attendent came around with pre departure drinks including coffee, coke, water and an arabic tradition DATES!!. I also went and prayed in the special prayer room set up in the back. Before the flight during taxiing the pilot described the description of this flight. We also got hot towels, which me and my bro collected from all our legs on SV. It felt like first class treatment!. We taxied away, and took off of runway 31 if i still remember correctly, you should see the take off on the 744, so powerful, and it looked great with THE PTV's. Soon we were crusing over LI, over the LI sound over Marthas Vineyard. When we reached 35,000 feet cruising altitude, meal service began. Before departure we actually got a little menu describing the meals served on the flight. I got the tandoor chicken with fried rice. OOO soo good. Airplane food never tasted better. We also had salad, and water and soda. And a chocie of ice cream or cheesecake. While we were eating i had a PTV which was foldable since i was in the exit row, the PTV comes out from the side of the seat. The crew then came and handed out amenity kits, and more hot towels. Then it wus lights out, but I CAN never sleep on flights, so i walked around, and the flight attendents didnt mind, i even went into first class and sat down for a couple of minutes, i told the flight attendednt i was waiting for bathroom, she didnt care. In fact she came and asked me if i wanted to drink something!!! After this i saw that the crew set up a little buffet table near the galley, where you can go and get sandwhiches, sodas, juices, fruits, and even left over meals. I WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED< I MEAN THIS IS ONLY ECONOMY CLASS, i went and sat down for a 10 hr flight was extremely long. The IFE was excellent, over 19 choices to watch. When breakfast time came i had the eggs with potatos and the fruit juices, and fruits. My bro got kids meals both times. and kids meals were pretty good also. Again the buffet table was kept and extra breakfast meals were put there if any1 cared for more. The lfight attendent also came around asking if any1 would like anythin or if they needed something. Then our approach cam to JEddah King Abdul Aziz Airport, i love that airport. The best thing is that there are no JET WAYS< you have buses take you to the terminal. So i took a few pics of my plane with my camera but i had to sneak them. Overall this was a great flight, and the crew seemed to care! Out of a 10 i would give them a 9.5 I would definately fly Saudi Airlines again. STICK AROUND i will put 4 more legs of this trip on this forum NEXT!!!
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    Don't forget the pic's.
    15 Nov is my Birth day! I want A340? pls dad pls mom LOL


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      Yes I have flown the exact same route on my way to Bombay, and I definitely agree with your Trip report....they are quite good! Although just a tad short of Emirates. But nonetheless excellent!!!

      Good report! Looking forward to the pics!!

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      Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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        Nice to hear you enjoying your trip!

        I wonder what was the load factor for the seems like pretty light loaded from how the FAs take care of you (feeling special? )
        Check out my photos at!