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Saudi Airlines Part 2 and 3

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  • Saudi Airlines Part 2 and 3

    Our umrah (religious deed) was complete and now it was to time to go meet relatives in Pakistan (Lahore) So from Medina Hilton we took a cab to the airport. Probably a 15 minute ride. check in at the airport again was a breeze for we were 4th in line. After check in we sat in the lounge which is on ground level with nice windows so we can see through. Then we see our Airbus A300-600 come.

    SV 1029 Medina-Jeddah
    HZ ???
    Sched. Dep 5.00 PM
    Actual Depar 5.04 PM
    Sched Arrival 6.15 PM
    Actual Arrival 5.55 PM

    After we sat in the lounge it was time to board. The security on these flights isnt that rigourous. The best part came now. This time we had to walk from teh terminal to our plane. And the best part came now, while we were walking the short walk, a SV 747 landed, it was a breathtaking view! Too bad i couldnt take pics. We boarded our plane, and i luckily got to see the captain. He allowed me and my bro. to come inside the cockpit for several minutes. It was an amazing experience for a 14 year old. All the instruments! afterwards i walked back to my seat looking at first class and seeiing that it was empty. I would have asked for a seat but shyness. The Airbus have a 2-4-2 config. And this time we didnt get window seat but the 4 middle ones
    Pre departure drinks were handed out including dates! And hot towels. I love that. since we were the only plane taking off at that time we had a quick taxi and a quick powerful takeoff. As soon as we took off the lovliest wing bend was seen!! Then we took a rapid turn over the airport which totally scared me. I thought something was going to happen. LOL, i get nervous on flights. Once we reached cruising altitude drinks were served (since this was a 45-50 min flight) I had a coke full can with peanuts. Soon we were landing! I love the landing approach into Jeddah. Once we were exiting from the steps i looked back into the cockpit window and gave the pilot a thumbs up and a wave. Thank you Captain Abdullah! Buses took us to our terminal, where we waited 6 hrs for our flight to LAHORE.

    We got online at check in counter. No offense but Pakistanis dont know how to form lines? And then wut ever happened to Luggage limitations? Anyway after checking in and immigration we went to the waiting area, where we thought we would only wait for 1 1/2 hour. Then they announce that our flight SV 720 is delayed. It was delayed for 1 hr. So we would departure at 12:30 a while later they tell us it was delayed another hour! Oh my god. Waiting in da lounge becomes so boring! We looked at many saudi airlines take off and land. The scene at the airport at night is magnificant. All the lights flashing! The good thing was that Saudi Airlines offered all the passengers waiting a nice meal. Chicken strips with rice, fruit and a soda can. Not bad!!! Finally it was time to board

    SV 720
    HZ A??? couldnt get registration in the dark
    Sched Departure 11:30
    Act Departure 1:30
    Sched Arrival 4:15
    Act Arrival 7:53

    The best thing happend to us now and i mean the BEST!!! When we entered the plane and showed the flight attendent our boarding pass, she directed us upstairs to first class!! I was speechless, i mean we payed for economy, and i was like what!! Boy what an experience first class for the price of eco. I was surprised like crazy and so was my dad. But we went along w/ it. Nice seats with nice legroom and the flight attendednt even more pleasant. She took our bags to our seat for us, and asked for pre departure drinks. the actually have a bar set up in the upper deck. (no alcohol forbidden by country and islamic laws) There was also a variety of meat sandwhiches and dates, and fruit, nuts etc. It was a help your self!
    We went and sat down, i had to go to the bathroom which was rite near the cockpit. This time the door was open so i saw just a little because the grumpy pilot closed it. Oh well cant complain when i already got into first class for free. We got hot towels and it was ready for departure. A short flight to Riyadh for a 1 hour pasenger pick up. During this we got sandwhiches and sodas. The measl would be loaded in Riyadh. At riyadh i went downstairs to compare and boy am i glad. the noise of all the kids, and adults and upstairs was like heaven. We took of from Riyadh to Lahore. Inflight entertainment!. Yea baby. The flight attendent asked us when we wanted to eat. We told her later, we were still full from the airport food and there was a mini bar up here. The flight was peaceful and smooth. we took breakfast right before entering Pakistan airspace. The meal was exquisit. An omlette with sauteed onions, hash browns with dipping sauce, or a stack of pancakes and i forgot the rest. Fresh arabian coffee, mango juices, peach juices, and almost anything else. We landed at lahore with a breeze and cleared immigration since we were first class, and got our bagae quickly, except one computer that we had, we had to wait at least 30 min , from there we conitinued on to familys house.
    The 3rd leg to come soon!!!
    Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato

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    Can't wait for your third TR!

    Was SV720 departed 1:20am!? Wow must be sleepy for ya
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