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A Big Thanks to Delta

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  • A Big Thanks to Delta

    Last night (May 8th) I was packing for my trip today to Atlanta on American. I was scheduled to fly from CLL to DFW (at 6:00AM ugh) and then to ATL a few hours later.

    At 8:30PM, American called me to tell me that my flight to Atlanta was canceled due to weather disruptions that had hit DFW earlier in the day. I called to reschedule (took 20 minutes to get in the queue, the system kept saying to call back later) and spent almost 2 hours on hold. By the time I got through to someone, the only thing AA could do is book me on a Delta flight that departed DFW shortly after 7:00PM to arrive in ATL a few minutes before 11:00PM. I'd then have to drive another 30-45 minutes to my hotel in Peachtree City. I tried to get the AA agent to route me through ORD or MIA, but they wouldn't do it. The only thing, other than the Delta flight, they offered was DFW-CLT-MIA (on USAirways) and then MIA-ATL on AA which would arrive at some ungodly hour after midnight.

    When I got to Dallas, AA sent me over to the Delta terminal to check in. Got a seat on the late flight, and they put me on standby for a 9:26AM departure to ATL, but told me not to expect it, and if I did manage, my luggage likely wouldn't make it.

    They boarded the flight and there was 1 open seat. I was #2 on the standby list. The first guy wasn't there when they called his name, so I took the seat as soon as they called me.

    We were on a MD-88, although I was hoping for a MD-90 when I saw it was an MD at the gate. Really wished it was a 757 or 767, but was just happy to be on the flight. The flight sucked, but that was thanks to mother nature who bounced us around for almost the entire flight. 1/2 way through the drink service (2 two rows before they got to me) the captain told the flight attendants to put everything away, take their seats, and strap in. Oh well, can't help the weather and I would never want them to get hurt if we hit major turbulence. I learned my stomach still doesn't like being bounced around, but I hadn't eaten since 4:30 in the morning, I thankfully didn't get sick.

    Landed in Atlanta a little after noon but taxied almost completely around the airport when they changed our gate. After making a mistake to walk to the baggage claim (which I learned meant walking the entire length of every single terminal) instead of riding the train (but it was good exercise) I was happy as could be to find my bag did make the flight and was waiting on me in the baggage claim.

    Hopefully my flight home on Sunday will be less eventful. It will be on AA and first time I've been stuck on an Airbus, ugh.

    I was never a big Delta fan, but they moved up big time in my book. They bent over backwards to help me, and I wasn't even a paying Delta passenger. I just wish they had a regional carrier flying out of CLL (they did in the 80s and early 90s when they had DFW as a hub) I would consider them over UA or AA.