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Southwest Airlines, OKC-HOU-AUS; Aug 2, 2013

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  • Southwest Airlines, OKC-HOU-AUS; Aug 2, 2013

    I recently realized I had forgotten about my visit to Austin in August last year, and had a bunch of photos in a folder (of course) from my flights. Obviously I don't remember all the details at this point but the flights themselves were great as always is the case with Southwest. So this will be more of a photo bank than one of my detailed reviews with photos, but anyway, without rambling on too much here you go!

    Checked in and through security on the airside; here's a look at downtown Oklahoma City. The oil rig comes standard with the view :P

    My plane to HOU, continuing to AUS, a 73G. And getting pushed back by the OU tug!

    N747SA with the Wi-Fi dome

    Looking at the West Concourse of the terminal at Will Rogers Airport. It was a hot day and the APU had a tough time keeping the plane cool so we got some cooling from the terminal.

    Taxiing to RWY 17R for departure

    About to head off! Looking at 9,800 feet of concrete.

    This Kalitta Charters II 727-200 was on the ARINC ramp

    I'm not quite certain what that airframe is doing down there right in the middle of the airfield; probably used for training? Just a guess.

    Looking east at Southwest Oklahoma City.

    Ardmore, OK

    Flying just a little west of the airline's home base gave us this view.

    Approaching Houston's far northern outskirts; U.S. 290 (Northwest Freeway) and State Highway 99 are visible.

    Stack interchange at the Sam Houston Tollway (bottom-right to upper-left) and the Northwest Freeway.

    Stack interchange at I-10 (Katy Freeway) and the I-610 loop.

    Just west of downtown

    I got a nice overview of the skyline. The large structure with the wave-like roof at the right of the photo is Minute Maid Park. Note the traffic volume below.

    Now established on a RWY 12R final.

    Almost there...

    A pretty busy Hobby Airport no doubt.

    The stop at HOU was quick, about 40 minutes. It was also hot outside (99 F) and once the rear service door was opened for loading I could feel the heat coming in, but the crew managed to keep the plane pretty cool as the terminal air was taken in as well. Pretty soon, the Austin-bound passengers were coming in.

    And off we go again.

    There's that big "LUECKE" sign that someone has mowed into the grass just east of Bastrop. I'm sure many a pilot has used this as a visual navigation tool.

    Turning on short final for RWY 17L at Bergstrom International Airport.

    The plane's shadow.

    Austin's traffic jams are beginning to look a lot like [insert your big city traffic-jam choice here]. :P

    I do remember one detail very clearly about the HOU-AUS leg - wheels up to wheels down was a mere 24 minutes! Definitely the fastest I've experienced on this leg, beating the old record (from my experience) by three minutes. As always with Southwest, the flight was great, no complaints here.

    I'll have the review for the return flights posted soon (with double the number of photos). Hope you enjoyed!

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    Well done, mate! Keep up the good work!
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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      ^Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!