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First flight ever, Jetsgo YYC to YYZ

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  • First flight ever, Jetsgo YYC to YYZ

    I just had my first flight from Calgary to Toronto (as the topic says ) last saturday with Jetsgo. It was a great experience (despite a bit of claustrophobia, for something that looks so big on the outside sure is small on the inside).

    Something that really amazed me was the amount of leg room on the plane. I was in an emergency isle, and there was tons of leg room for me, I'm 6'4 and my knees didn't touch the back of the seat in front of me at all! The price of drinks was great as well!

    Definitely not what I expected for a plane ticket that cost me $113(CDN$) in total!

    Flight SG-198
    Departed: 9:30am MST
    Arrived: 3:00pm EST

    I have a question about the flight, does anyone know where one could find a flight plan or something for this flight? I'm curious as to what I went over Before this I've only done the same trip (to and from) with Grey Hound and Via Rail (The plane ticket was even cheaper than a ticket from Grey Hound! )


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    You are lucky they gave you the emergency aisle. I believe their seat pitch is normally 30 or 31 inches (that might be too much).

    As for what you flew over the best you can do is take a map and make a great circle arc between YYC and YYZ. There are several routes between the two cities and they can take different ones each time.


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      Flight plan: CYYC-CYYZ
      J504 VLN J500 VLR J543 YHD J576 YXZ J525 YMS V164
      My pics:


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        hmmmm i have been meaning to 'fly' jetsgo when i am in canada i am 6ft 6in so i hope i get teh emergency row
        Some people in today's society are so thick!


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          Thanks for the replies!

          Ansett: Rows 21 and 22 are the emergency ones with the leg room.