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Full Flight Video: TXL-FRA, Lufthansa A320 Sharklets

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  • LH-B744
    Respect. I know a little bit about sending photos and videos to the internet. Most of the time, you are concerned with file size, and file format.

    I'm just wondering how you were able to send a whole "movie" of 90 minutes to youtube.
    Don't they have a restriction, e.g. in file size?

    Btw, it is a very nice topic. Even at DUS, which is the third biggest airport in Germany, there are less and less original LH flights.

    DUS-FRA is one of the very few flights at my home airport which still wears the crane on the tail fin.

    Raider is Twix. Or LH is ... (?) now, at DUS. But that is something completely different (I should write a book about it).
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  • 3WE
    Ummm, I like a takeoff/landing/classic start up video and a nice pic of clouds, sun and a wing as much as the next guy...

    ...a full video of a flight...reminds me too much of a flight.

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  • Full Flight Video: TXL-FRA, Lufthansa A320 Sharklets

    Hi all

    Here's my full, uncut flight video of a recent flight I did, TXL-FRA onboard a Lufthansa A320.

    Hope you enjoy the flight, let me know if you'd like to see more as I have quite a few