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Full Flight Video: London to New York (American B777-300ER)

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  • Full Flight Video: London to New York (American B777-300ER)

    My longest full flight video to date! Every minute included so you can watch the parts that interest you (or all of it if you wish)

    A full length full flight video in real time with American Airlines, from London Heathrow to New York JFK, operating flight AA107 on September 12 2015.**Ever...

    Key moments in video:

    00:11:40 Pushback
    00:12:30 Safety video/engine start
    00:24:40 Captain's welcome announcement
    00:28:40 Line up, takeoff runway 27R
    00:52:00 Crossing Welsh coast into Irish Sea
    00:56:25 Captain gives route and weather information
    01:07:00 Crossing Southern Ireland
    01:19:30 Crossing Irish coast into Atlantic
    01:37:35 Dinner service (Thai Green Curry chosen)
    02:06:25 Altercation between passengers resulting in intervention by the cabin crew
    02:44:45 Demonstration of IFE
    06:52:10 Entering US Airspace. ATC begins, contacting Boston Center
    06:56:50 Instructions from ATC to hold due to weather at JFK
    07:00:30 Captain announces delay due to holding pattern
    07:07:45 Holding pattern commences
    08:00:47 Commencing approach over Long Island. Captain asks cabin crew to prepare for landing
    08:05:00 Descend to 3,000ft
    08:06:15 Contacting JFK Approach
    08:09:55 Reducing speed
    08:14:11 Turning to intercept final
    08:15:03 Cleared for VOR approach
    08:16:00 Contacting tower, cleared to land
    08:16:55 Breaking through clouds over New York
    08:19:10 Sharp turn at low level on Canarsie approach
    08:20:55 Touchdown, with lots of spray
    08:27:30 Pulling on stand
    08:32:38 Deboarding

    Video taken from seat 28L.

    Airline: American Airlines
    Flight: AA107
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER N728AN
    From: London - Heathrow (LHR)
    To: New York - John F Kennedy (JFK)
    Departure: 17:22
    Arrival: 20:13
    Flight Time: 07:51
    Seat: 28L
    Flight Path: