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Full Flight Video: New York to Los Angeles (+Go around) (American A321T)

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  • Full Flight Video: New York to Los Angeles (+Go around) (American A321T)

    Full flight from New York to Los Angeles, including go around in LAX Every minute included so you can watch the parts that interest you (or all of it if you wish)

    Highlights of flight:

    00:09:00 Walking to the gate in JFK
    00:01:30 Boarding the aircraft
    00:20:18 Pushback, commence taxi to runway 31L
    00:32:00 Line up and takeoff from runway 31L
    00:36:30 Atlantic Beach, NY
    00:44:37 White Plains, NY
    01:39:16 Lake Huron, Canada
    01:48:27 Flint, MI
    02:02:41 Muskegon, MI
    02:08:15 Lake Michigan
    02:12:01 Milwaukee, WI
    02:21:00 Madison, WI
    02:30:13 Dubuque, IA
    02:47:40 Des Moines, IA
    03:02:30 Omaha, NE
    03:38:00 Passenger in the row ahead advises crew they are feeling unwell
    03:39:40 Cabin crew call for doctor
    03:41:00 Cabin crew put out second call for doctor, nurse or EMT
    03:43:35 Cabin crew ask everyone in the main cabin to remain seated while they attend to the sick passenger
    04:00:15 Denver, CO
    04:07:00 Beginning of Rocky Mountains
    04:09:45 Mt Lincoln, CO
    04:16:00 Aspen, CO
    04:32:29 Moab, UT
    05:10:59 United 777 routing San Francisco-Houston, passing 1,000ft below over Lake Mead
    05:16:12 Las Vegas, NV
    05:35:35 Victorville, CA
    05:40:14 San Bernadino, CA
    05:43:00 Commencing approach into Los Angeles
    05:40:41 Final approach into LAX runway 24L
    05:53:59 Go-around due to another aircraft on the runway
    05:55:15 Venice Beach, CA
    05:59:09 Santa Monica, CA
    05:59:30 Los Angeles International (LAX)
    06:05:10 Final approach to runway 25R
    06:13:00 Holding position due to congestion on the ground
    06:18:25 Pilot's announcement explaining the delay
    06:21:32 Continue taxi to the gate
    06:27:03 Pulling onto stand
    06:31:55 Deboarding into the terminal, walking to kerbside

    Airline: American Airlines
    Flight: AA171
    Aircraft: Airbus A321 Transcontinental N103NN
    From: New York (JFK)
    To: Los Angeles (LAX)
    Departure: 06:38
    Arrival: 09:14
    Flight Time: 05:36
    Seat: 13F
    Flight Path:

    Filmed from seat 13F.