Hi all

Here's my latest full flight video from New Years' Eve, when I flew Manchester to Southampton and back. This is the entire flight with ATC from Southampton to Manchester. Hope you enjoy

The video begins as we enter the terminal at Southampton, and head through security to the small departure lounge. It is soon time for boarding and we walk out to the aircraft and take our seat in seat 7D. We receive our route clearance from Southampton Tower and soon get our push and start clearance. We backtrack down runway 20 for departure, holding short for a helicopter departing the airfield. Once he is gone we are cleared for takeoff. After takeoff we turn on a north-easterly heading, towards London, climbing to 20,000ft. After a left turn we continue north on a beautiful clear morning, getting a great view of the cities of Milton Keynes, Northampton, Leicester and Derby, and a great view of East Midlands Airport. We commence our approach over the beautiful Peak District which is again under clear skies, turning over Stockport for our final approach. We are cleared to land on runway 23R, and touchdown early, taxying into Terminal 3.

Airline: Flybe
Flight: BE863
Aircraft: Bombardier DHC8-Q400 G-ECOE
From: Southampton (SOU)
To: Manchester (MAN)
Departure: 10:33
Arrival: 11:16
Flight Time: 00:43
Seat: 7D
Flight path: http://goo.gl/5ZdnO6
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