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Japan Airlines 787 Helsinki - Tokyo (Northern Lights)

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  • Japan Airlines 787 Helsinki - Tokyo (Northern Lights)

    I arrived after my finnair flight 2 hours before, i went straight to the JAL gate and sat there for a bit.

    Went toilet, came back, people came, I went away, not much to do at helsinki though.

    Here's the pics they had candles on the jet bridge, never seen that before

    Full Flight Video here
    Full Flight video (9 Hours+)

    Extra's trip report Video
    Flight Report Video (including Northern Lights)

    I was able to film on both sides of the aircraft so that was good and the crew were happy for me to film at the door and they were very friendly

    The cabinn crew were good, the food was very nice, i dont normally like honey mustard from supermarkets but this was lovely

    I was recording the sunrise but then halfway through the window shades started to turn on sending it a funny color so i asked the crew if i could turn my window back to light as it wasnt working so she went back and did it for me which was nice.

    There was a finnish cabin guy also working and he gave me a pen to fill in my immigration form