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Full flight Japan airlines 787 from Tokyo to Helsinki with ATC

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  • Full flight Japan airlines 787 from Tokyo to Helsinki with ATC

    I booked a room at the narita rest house for 43 pounds as travelling on the local train takes about 1 hour 20 mins (definitely choosing haneda next time as it's quicker and cheaper)

    Full Flight Video:
    (Full flight Japan airlines 787 from Tokyo to Helsinki with ATC)

    I arrived at a self checkin machine where it ended up breaking when i scanned my passport, i was shown to the checkin desk, they only printed my narita-helsinki flight probably because of the machine breaking, once arriving at helsinki, the transfer security was troublesome with the girl saying i cant go through unless i have a boarding card for manchester and the only way to get my boarding card is by going through security to get to the transfer desk, very stupid idea or should i have gone back to the gate to where the finnair agents are?
    Either way i had like 30 mins to get to the next flight.

    Anyway while she was also saying the same thing to another man, i moved my trays to the other security line as she wasnt accepting my sticker on my passport that had the man flight number and the letters man but luckily that security xray guy said that's fine.

    At least all of the stsff were really friendly at helsinki security and i would like to go again and see the city

    SMOKEY Engine Start (i thought it might set on fire lol)
    Video of the flight:

    Full Flight Timelapse (13 mins)

    As I thought it was a 9am flight and not 12 (my mistake)

    I was very hungry and had to search all my pockets for some coins, 120 yen left i bought a snickers at the cheaper newsagent

    The boarding pass confused me, it never said the actual departure time, just the boarding time

    The flight was 90% full and i was lucky to get a spare seat

    The lunch was lovely again on japan airlines and the staff were very attentive and chatty with me so i really liked that.

    the 787 bathroom door is great as you pull open the door and it neatly goes inside the bathroom, easy to get in and out.

    The staff helped me when i went in the back and helped me pour my coke and showed me the different snacks.

    They only get 24 hours in helsinki and go back to japan

    It was funny seeing the sunset and sunrise though it took about an hour to do it and it didnt go completely dark