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Suprised- I Have Not Seen That Many ATA Reports....

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  • Suprised- I Have Not Seen That Many ATA Reports....

    This was a trip that I took back in June of 2002. I remember everything very well, and I decided to post it. Enjoy!

    ATA was having some sale I can't remember, but my grandma and I took advantage of it and booked flights to see some family in Arizona. I was counting down the days and it finally came. I packed my bag the night before and woke up at 4:45am and at 6:00 my mom and I arrived at my grandma's house.

    My mom dropped my grandma and I off at the curb at MDW, gave us our bags, hugged me and drove off, toward the highway. We checked in our bags at the skycap and went inside, to gate A4B. After about 2 hours, we all got up and moved to Gate A3, where the plane coming from MCO pulled up. Our seats were moved from 21BC to 2BC, so we waited as they called rows starting with the back and we got on.

    American Trans Air (ATA) flight 575
    Chicago Midway- Phoenix
    Boeing 757-200, N2**AT

    The seats were set up in an all economy setting 3-3 and were blue seats with a rainbow fuzz things on it. Pretty comfortable. Each armrest had audio and headphones were passed out for $1. There were also TV's placed around the cabin. The ATA safety video is cool, for anybody who has seen it. With an early departure on I think 31C, we took off, en route to Phoenix!

    The flight attendents came around with drinks and ATA biscoff cookies. Later they came around with more drinks and packets of snack mix. But wait...theres more! ANOTHER drink service with a hot beef and chedder crossant. Yum... and Full Can of Drink every time! On time landing in PHX and landed somewhere in Terminal Three.

    I will have to post the return trip later, for I have to go.

    Next Flights:

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