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  • CHS-LGA on DL

    This is my first one, so tell me how it is:
    I got some pictures and I will post them later.

    I got to CHS about 1 hour before my flight. My uncle (who I was travelling with) had already checked me in online, so I went straight to security. Security was a breeze and I walked down the hall to Concourse A. In A, there are 5 gates. 2 Delta, 1 UAL, and 2 vacant. The 2 vacant gates used to be US Air, but they moved to the other terminal. I got some great shots of US Airways, Continental, and Delta.

    Flight #:5551
    A/C: CRJ-200
    Schedualed Departure: 10:45
    Actual Departure: 11:15
    Class: Coach

    At 10:30, the plane had not even arrived yet, and no one could give a reason for the delay. That just made me mad. Finally the plane came in and we boarded at 10:45. The flight was about 90% full. A good load for a CHS-LGA flight.
    It was cloudy and rainy that day, so I assumed we would have a bumpy flight. We had a smooth takeoff and went straight into th lairr of clouds, which stretched all the way up the East Coast. I was waiting for the turbulance to start, but it never did. Great job to DL for keeping us out of it!
    The flight attendent, whose name I do not remember, was sort of just the typical just doing my job flight attendnt that I have seen so often. She handed out drinks and snacks and sat down in her seat and read a magazine for the remainder of the flight. She ws not trying to impress us too much!
    The plane landed about 30 minutes late, and I could not see LGA until we were almost on the ground! It was really cloudy! As we started to taxi off the runway, I noticed a DL CRJ-200 at the Shuttle Terminal. It was pulled up to a jetway, and it was there in addition to about 3 or 4 shuttle 737's.
    We pullded into our spot on the Delta Connection ramp. There was one bus that left when it was full, but I was one of the last ones off the plane, so I missed it. The pilot had already closed the door to the plane and was waiting with us for the next buss. After 10 minutes it didn't come, so he went back inside the plane and radioed the terminal that we needed two more busses at least. This was really poor communication on DL's part.
    Finally the bus pulled up and we went to the terminal.
    While inside, I saw several planes, including my first Song 757. I could not take a picture because I was really in a rush. I went and waited in the unreasonably long line for a cab.


    Overall, I'd give Delta a B-

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    Pretty good flight review!!


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      Any Delta flight that is in the 5000 series of flight numbers are Delta Connection flights operated by Comair. They are notorious throughout the network for the inability of updating downline stations in regards to delays. The computer system they use is not friendly - when I worked ops in HOU I was constantly calling CVG to find out why a flight was late. Most employees do not know how to access the Comair system to research delays, or worse - how to access it to update the reasons for the delays.


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        You didn't catch any of the crew's names did ya? My best friend is an RJ driver over there.
        Bite me Airways.....


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          No names.