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Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

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  • LH-B744
    It seems as if people give money so that one airline would not be #100 on that airlinequality list. Or others give money so that a certain airline appears on that list and others do not.

    But for Aeromexico and SpiceJet, that was not a perfect revenue.. #94 and #100. Imho, the airlinequality list 2016 is good, when you know, how it works.

    It must be a combination of nautical miles, flown since the airline was founded, passengers per year and the last fatal accident. Imho, airlines which are younger than me, don't have to appear on that list. I especially think of Air Berlin, who appeared on the 2016 airlinequality list (# 74), but at the age of 39, the airline died, last year.

    There are lists where Qantas is #1 (nautical miles, flown without a dead person on board since 1951!). And there are lists where Cathay Pacific is #1 (nautical miles flown since 1946).
    Qantas is #9 on the list, but they're really good, since 1920! If you ask me, as an aviation enthusiast since more than 30 years, my top 5 are these, only airlines which are older than me:
    1 - Qantas
    2 - Cathay Pacific
    3 - Singapore Airlines
    4 - Air Canada (last fatal accident... in 1983?)
    5 - KLM (since 1919, last fatal accident.. really on Los Rodeos, March 1977? But that was an accident, oh god. So they are #5 and the Canadians are #4)

    Only one opinion. Airlinequality says, LH is #10, in a Top 100 list. I can live with that.
    LH is not as old as Qantas. And we don't always have to use a B744ER to reach the next continent.. nautical miles, flown since the airline was founded. Australia seems like an island, far far away, or even like a distant planet.
    When Qantas published, that they fly from Australia to the State of Texas, USA, nonstop (DFW - the Gas monkey airport), then I had the idea, space flight is not such a big difference.

    In my eyes, Qantas is the #1 long haul specialist on the planet. Australia - Europe nonstop. 7,800 nautical miles, in a QF-B78 79. The longest LH route? .. #10 is a good position for LH, in a Top 100 list.

    PS: Air India should be better than #14 which, according to Airlinequality is Air France. But Air India had no dead person on board since 1990, in contrast to Air France!
    And I don't count the Mangaluru accident, which we here discussed in 2010. That was a cheap AI subcontractor, and since 2015 I know there are one or two cheap subcontractors also in Europe ...

    The final result? You better buy the Original, if your airport provides it. Or you know somebody who has tested the subcontractor who you don't (yet) know...
    Or you use jetphotos (exactly this topic) to ask for an opinion.

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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by sachincsp
    Thanks for sharing the list!
    I assume that you appreciate my source, airlinequality. Not the anarchy which the threadstarter tried to publish.., right?

    Btw, since I am here, or better, at least since 1971, Air India is the Palace in the Sky. I own Randazzo's AI-B744 simulator not for nothing. When I became a jetphotos forum member, almost ten years ago, Air India has been one of my favorite B747-400 operators. And today, it still is. How things don't change.

    But as I've perceived today, Air India does not appear on "my" airlinequality list! Probably today it only works with recommendations.

    Since 2014, Air India with their B744s, B773ERs,
    and B78 78s
    is one of our Star Alliance colleagues.

    But I trust them at least since I am here.

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  • MattHogan
    Yes. The list which are there are in that article are bad when compared with high level airlines. We have see from there side also. As the revenue for theese airlines are very less so the maintenence will be not up to the mark

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  • LH-B744
    "Skytrax (originally known as Inflight Research Services) is a United Kingdom-based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site."
    -- en wiki /Skytrax, March 24th 2017.

    That mustn't be a disadvantage in these days when London became the place where brainless persons in a car try to kill pedestrians, btw only after Berlin, where that happened twice in a couple of months: Gedächtniskirche und Ku'damm.

    First of all, I thought that cody means the last 21 entries in this Skytrax list:
    The World's Top 100

    But that is not true. And as that's not true, let me say what I think.

    I clearly prefer sources which are published either by the company or - and that contains strict limitations - sources which exist longer than that company (e.g. NYT).

    Skytrax imho only owns one internet source: airlinequality dot com .

    If you use my commented link above (Top 100), my favourite airline is not among the worst 21 airlines. And I think that's ok.

    PS I: But what in the UK is #1 has received a ban by Trump. So what's happening? USA vs UK?!

    PS II: In Germany, there is a saying which must be as old as democracy in Europe. It goes like this:
    "Ich glaube nur der Statistik, die ich höchstselbst gefälscht habe."
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2017-03-24, 01:21. Reason: This war has NOT been started by Germany. 'With a little luck' - Paul McCartney & Wings (1978)

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  • Andersonphoto
    I would definitely agree with that... Especially when it comes to Ukraine International Airlines. I've tried it once - NEVER AGAIN. Trust me - you don't want to do any flights with them. The service was awful, the plane was dirty and I simply didn't feel safe...

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  • cody
    started a topic Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

    Skytrax rates worst 21 airlines of the world

    skytrax has just released a list of the worst airlines which also includes lion, Iran, Pegasus and other airlines.
    check out the complete list on: