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Missed Flights, 500 ft. Drops, and!

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  • Missed Flights, 500 ft. Drops, and!

    (This was back in 2001)

    I was so excited that my Mom finally allowed me to have this huge sleepover party, I ran outside and told all my friends and then came back and my Mom was on the phone, crying. My grandpa died, and I saw my dad doing something on I was told my grandpa died, and we were going to his funeral, on the day of my sleepover. I went back outside and cancelled. The next day, we packed two bags and drove to the airport. We checked in without any problems, and went through security and were ready to go.

    Southwest Airlines flight ???
    Chicago Midway MDW- Little Rock LIT

    We got on the plane, in normal orange colors and sat in the "club" seating for the 1:50 flight to Little Rock. This was the normal flights, nothing really bad happened, except a flight attendent spilled coke on my shirt- no problem. I can change at the airport. We landed at LIT and got out bags and got on the Airport Shuttle vans that took us to the city of Hot Springs, where we stayed at a nice Comfort Inn.

    Day One In Hot Springs

    We go to a wake and everything goes as planned. Everybody was there coming from AK, IL, WI, MD, WA, AZ, CA, and MI. After the wake we all went out to a nice restaurant for some dinner.

    Day Two In Hot Spirings

    I get up and look out of the window and the breakfast buffet at the hotel, and it looks really depressing outside, like it is going to rain. We go to a funeral, and all the kids were hurded into a room where a video was playing. Everyone goes back to the Comfort Inn, and now it is REALLY windy outside. We rent out the conference room and the pool and to liven everybody up, we have a life-goes-on pizza and pool party. Fun untill... it starts raining really hard, lots of thunder and lightning and a special news report comes on...and the national weather service in Oklahoma City has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Garland County in Arkansas. I walk to the check in desk and ask what county we were in. The lady says "Garland" all happy. Im thinking oh $*** and it turned out nothing happened. Nothing at all. We tell my Aunt Joyce, pick us up from the Hotel at 10:00, our flight home leaves at 1:00.

    Day Three in Hot Springs

    10:00- no Aunt Joyce
    11:00- no Aunt Joyce
    12:00- no Aunt Joyce
    1:00- here she is, we say Where were you? Shes like, you said be there at 1:00, we jump into her Jeep and speed towards Little Rock, and were placed on a later flight.

    Southwest Airlines flight ???
    Little Rock LIT- Chicago Midway MDW

    Row Three this time, we fly into storms, no seat belt light on. The plane starts shaking. No seat belt light on. Violent swaying movements, no seat belt light on, and then... a stomach churning DROP. Seat belt light was on for the rest of the flight, pilots came on and said we dropped from 30,000 ft to 25,000 ft. There were drinks all over the galley and going down the aisle. People were scared, throwing up left and right. Me, I was having fun!

    We landed on time (for the new flight) and as for me, well I left my advanced history textbook in Arkansas. My teacher said that was the best excuse she had ever heard.


    Southwest 10/10
    LIT 10/10
    MDW 10/10

    Comfort Inn 11/10![/code]

    Next Flights:

    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW

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    Sorry to hear the reason for your trip. My sincere condolences.

    Glad you enjoyed the flight. My impression of Southwest is much the same. A very good one.

    Might need to re-evaluate your hotel choice though.
    Bite me Airways.....


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      I too am sorry to hear that you had to make the trip, my condolances. Glad to hear you made the best out of it. Glad to see I'm not the only wierdo that enjoys turbulence. On those long 10-13 hour flights to Japan I'll take anything to break up the boredom.