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LAX/HNL/LAX on United - 777 had no TVs on seats

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  • LAX/HNL/LAX on United - 777 had no TVs on seats

    The United Airlines site says that their 777 and 767 aircraft has seatback TVs even in coach. That was the reason I chose United for our trip to HNL in July. I was excited about having a personal TV. Much to my horror when we were seated on this highly advanced 777 and none of the seats had TVs! To their credit at least they have in-flight movies, unlike the airline I work for. But it was definitely a disappointment to discover that variance from the United web site.
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    you didnt read uniteds website carfully enough, ONLY THE united 777ERs have PTVs on them, they only fly the 777 non ER to HNL, the same gose for the 767s, only the 763ER has PTV not the 763 non ER, united has different seating maps for the ER and non ER for 763s and 777s, thats how i always know that I can be sure i booked on a 777 with PTVs, if you want more info on inflight entartainemt on united ill be glad to help.

    I faced the same problem you did when i wanted a 777 den-ord in august, i had heard that some 777s on united didnt have PTVs so i did some reaserch on UAs 777s and called UA to ask if i booked on a 777ER
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