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NORWEGIAN | Bilbao to Barcelona | ABORTED TAKEOFF + 2'5h WAITING | #SafetyFirst

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  • NORWEGIAN | Bilbao to Barcelona | ABORTED TAKEOFF + 2'5h WAITING | #SafetyFirst

    This is the trip report of my flight from Bilbao to Barcelona with Norwegian (Boeing 737-800W / EI-GBB).

    The flight started completely normal. We boarded the airplane ahead of the scheduled boarding time (as the stopover at Bilbao of this flight is really long) and started push-back in time. We were going to land at Barcelona around 20-25 minutes ahead of the scheduled time of arrival. All was going perfectly.

    The safety message was completely in Spanish and English via the retractable screens over the seats. Also, the taxi to runway 30 was completely normal.

    Once aligned on the runway, the pilots started the takeoff procedure (first to put 60% of N1 [to stabilize the engines] and then the takeoff thrust). At the moment of setting the T.O. thrust, a warning appeared in the cockpit, making the pilots abort the takeoff and proceed back to the apron.

    You can watch all the process in the video. I must say that the crew managed the situation perfectly. Great job, Norwegian.

    After 2'5h we took off from runway 30. Please, do not miss the views after takeoff. The best I've seen in years. Just awesome.

    Also, the views of Barcelona city during the approach to runway 25R are great. After us, we could see the Emirates A380 landing on the same runway.

    I hope that you'll enjoy the video!

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    Great video... thanks for sharing it!
    Be alert! America needs more lerts.

    Eric Law


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      Originally posted by elaw View Post
      Great video... thanks for sharing it!
      Thank, Elaw!
      Glad that you've enjoyed it!