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The Canary Islands Paradise Is Very Close! | FUERTEVENTURA - MADRID | Boeing 737

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  • The Canary Islands Paradise Is Very Close! | FUERTEVENTURA - MADRID | Boeing 737

    This is the report of my flight from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) to Madrid (Spain's capital) with Ryanair.

    The video-report starts outside Fuerteventura airport and ends outside the terminal building at Madrid-Barajas airport. That means that you'll be able to watch all the flight in the 13 minutes of the video.

    The boarding started on time (despite the airplane arrived a few minutes late to FUE). That led us to start push-back and taxi to the T.O. runway on time. After some minutes at the holding point, watching how some Condor airplanes were landing, we entered the runway and took off to Madrid.

    Fuerteventura island was completely surrounded by storms. That forced us to diverge a little bit from the instrumental departure procedure (remind that an airplane must avoid always cumulonimbus clouds. Even more in the takeoff climb, close to the ground). I'm sure that you'll enjoy the views of those monster clouds. Believe me when I say MONSTER CLOUDS. You'll watch one with the size of all the LANZAROTE island!! It was extremely huge!

    Once reached our cruise level, the onboard services started: pay-to-eat catering (as in all low-cost airlines and sadly in many traditional airlines), the onboard duty-free shop, another bar service (2nd) and the Ryanair scratch-card game (close to Madrid).

    At 16:40 local time, 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled time of arrival, we landed at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, using the runway 32L. Because the huge growing that Madrid airport is experimenting in the last years, at the moment of our arrival, all the jetways were in use or reserved for airplanes that were about to land. That led us to use a remote stand (actually, very close to the terminal building, just in front of it). Of course, that's the best option (in good weather and without a short connecting time) for any aviation fan, as it allows you to have extraordinary views of your airplane and many others.

    I hope that you'll enjoy this video-report!