This is the Trip Report of my flight from Barcelona Terminal 2 to Vigo (Galicia, Spain) with a brand-new Boeing 737-800W with the new Boeing Sky Interior.

The video starts at the interior of Barcelona-El Prat airport (Terminal 2) and ends outside Vigo airport so, as always, you'll be able to see the whole experience of the flight. Including more than 80 comments, both in English and Spanish.

We took off from runway 25L at Barcelona, so the first thing we saw was the famous left banking at 500 ft. over the Mediterranean Sea. After that, we flew around 20-25 km over the sea, before turning right and entering again the Peninsula. Our flight from East to West allowed us to have great views of the Pyrenees (mountains between Spain and France).

But the best part came during the descent and approach to Vigo. The atmosphere was so clean that allowed us to have the best views of Galicia: the Sil River Canyons. You'll get in love with it! Probably, one of the most beautiful parts of Spain and probably the most underrated (because of not knowing about its existence). In my opinion, it's one of the places you should visit if you are planning a trip to Galicia or to the North of Portugal.

Other great views were of the Rķa of Pontevedra and Rķa of Vigo, both during final approach. The sea enters into the land to form what it seems to be a river, but it's saltwater. The views of the Rande Bridge (suspension bridge) in short-final were amazing.

I've included in the video-report 4-5 photos taken by local professional photographer (with express permission, of course) that will give you a better knowledge of the different landscapes that you'll see.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this TripReport. Give it a chance!!