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RYANAIR SkyInterior | Milan/Bergamo to Santiago | ABORTED TAKEOFF | Photos + Video 4

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  • RYANAIR SkyInterior | Milan/Bergamo to Santiago | ABORTED TAKEOFF | Photos + Video 4

    This is the Trip Report of my lovely flight from Milan/Bergamo to Santiago de Compostela on a new Ryanair Boeing 737-800" equiped with the new Sky Interior cabin.


    Milan/Bergamo is a small Italian airport located 50km north-east of Milan. Last year it was the 3rd airport in the country by passenger traffic.
    BGY is mainly used by low cost airlines and touroperators but also by some traditional airlines, like Ukrainian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, who operates 2 daily flight to Munich for Lufthansa (now operated by BMI Regional) or Aegean.

    The security control is quite fast and, on the air side, you can find different restaurants and duty-free shops. Not the best airport, of course, but quite good for being a "low-cost airport". It also includes a Business Lounge, in case your airline offers you that service or you want to buy a ticket to enter.


    The flight itself started with normality. Around 20 minutes before the scheduled time of departure we were ready to board the bus that was going to take us to the airplane (as all the stands close to the terminal were occupied or to be occupied soon).

    The airplane was the EI-FOT a new B737 equipped with the new SkyInterior technology. The boarding was fast and 5 minutes before the scheduled time of departure we were ready for start taxi.

    At that moment, the captain told us that ATC gave us 2 hours of delay due to air traffic restrictions on route. After 25 minutes, a new message told us that we've received an amendment and we were going to depart in less than 10 minutes. After all, the final delay was around 30 minutes.

    Once at the takeoff runway, the pilot set full-throttle but some seconds after that, we aborted the takeoff. Any suggestion? Maybe something on the runway? After that, a runway revision took place. After leaving the runway we taxied directly to the holding point of the same runway.


    7-8 minutes later, we took off from runway 10, and after a left turn that gave us nice views of the airport and Bergamo, we faced the huge cumulonimbus that were surrounding the airport. Those huge clouds are so beautiful (from outside, of course).

    Once out of the turbulent effect, the pay-to-eat catering service started. Sincerely, I prefer a good pay-to-eat catering than some airlines that give you a tiny snack for free but doesn't give you the option of buying something better to eat.

    The flight altitude was 35.000 ft. instead of the initially planned 37.000 ft. due to the traffic restrictions. That led us to face constant low turbulences because of the continuous clouds during almost all the route at that flying level.


    After 2h flying hours, we started the descent to Santiago de Compostela while the sun was giving the last rays of the day. What a gorgeous view! I'll put a photo here, but I really recommend you to watch it on the video. It was the bet sunset I've seen on an airplane and one of the best I've ever seen.

    Beautiful! Don't?

    Finally, we landed 10 minutes later than the scheduled at Santiago de Compostela (runway 35). Arriving at our gate 3-4 minutes after touch down.

    I really hope that you'll like the Video-TripReport. Even if you prefer the Photo-TripReports, I encourage you to give this one a chance. More than 8 hours of edition are behind this video, filled with lots of comments like if it would be a "readable TR".