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YYZ-LHR-DXB-KBL 27-29 Oct 03 Part One AC 862 27-28 Oct 03

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  • YYZ-LHR-DXB-KBL 27-29 Oct 03 Part One AC 862 27-28 Oct 03

    Hi from Kabul Afghanistan. Flew out here, the long day starting from Pearson Interntional at 2215 hrs when we boarded AC 862, a 767-300ER (C-FMWQ)to LHR. Flight was smooth and eneventful, the usual AC service which included just one choice for dinner, chicken with some kind of a tomato sauce with fusilli, no veg, a truly uninspired though larger than normal salad and believe it or not one whole free glass of white white. Dessert was a tiny tub of non descript ice cream. I did take a pic of this slop and will post it when I get my software up and running. Breakfast was not even served on a tray, just a smallish fibre muffin, and a tiny yoghurt tossed at you followed by the beverage cart. Truly uninspired in flight catering done on the cheap. Why bother? I find it kind of insulting that AC stil labels this level of service "Hospitality Service" when you compare it to what was offered in the 1989-1990 timeframe. I forgot what the movie was as I went quickly to sleep after two Ativan. I had to pay an additional $180 in baggage surcharges through to Dubai, but that was not unexpected given I am here for up to a year. The flight time across the pond was 45 munutes ahead of schedule due to tail winds, and we arrived in LHR about 0945 local. Departure out of Terminal One in Toronto sucked; the whole pile was supposed to be reduced to rubble by now, but the construction sched for the new terminal is six months behind, so we continue to make due with a building completed in 1964 for DC8s and Viscounts. Poor duty free, limited shopping, limited dining and drinking opportunities, the only redeeming fact is the view from the parking garage. "What a dump"(Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, 1966). I really find the dark green fabric in most of AC's cabins dreary and depressing-the pink/red they used to be was a lot more bright and cheerful.

    Part Two LHR-DXB on Emerates to follow shortly.
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