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YYZ-LHR-DXB-KBL Part 3 Ariana Afghan 404 DXD-KBL

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  • YYZ-LHR-DXB-KBL Part 3 Ariana Afghan 404 DXD-KBL

    On arrivial at DXB's impressive Terminal 1 we cleared customs and discovered we had to transfer to Terminal 2 in taxicabs. So we spent the night on the floor. Do not know if this was the ole Terminal or perhaps it is used only for lesser airlines or Haj flights. Anyways we commenced boarding after I had to pay another $157US in excess weight charges on my three bags. The flight listed was a 727-200 but there were obviously too many people for that so they subbed a very long in the tooth A300B4(my first ride) ex Indian Airlines I believe. What a dumpy aircraft, inside and out, no IFE. Ariana has developed the nickname here "Scariana". The takeoff at 0700 was full of vibrations, but we made it to 29000 feet. The cabin interior was a multitude of colour and the first class seats looked like your Grandpa's broken recliner that he keeps on the back porch. A hot breakfast was served, surpisingly tasty despite the egg omelette being made from powdered eggs, along with a chicken kabob, bread, juice and coffee with powdered creamer. The approach to KBL rather steep and alternate turns and applications of power, I suspect to keep the aircraft out of the range of small arms fire until the last posssible moment. We touched down at Kabul at 1000hrs, and then had to endure a truly third world experience of clearing customs and passport control, all with people yammering/bellering at each other. The passenger baggage carrousel might handle a 737-200 on a good day, but over 250 on an 300B4 overwhealmed it and it kept stopping to boot. You literally had to fight off the porters from touching your bags and carting them off (I was part of a group), the they started ot fight amongst themselves for our business. What a ZOO! Then I got to put on my Army helmet and Flak jacket for a trip "home" in the back of a Bison Armoured Personel carrier, with a short stop at the military side of the airport where I saw a McCord AFB based C17 Globemaster II takeoff, along with a Il76 Candid trundle down the one runway in a cloud of smoke and dust. Finally hit my bunk at 1600 and slept for four hours before a few beers. What a trip.
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