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I flew Die-Nasty flight 666...

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  • I flew Die-Nasty flight 666...

    China Airlines, Airbus A300-600R CI666 SIN-HKG...
    Never again. I only heard of their nick name Die-Nasty (call sign = dynasty) recently and I knew their bad reputation. I can tell you, I was not comfortable on that flight.
    Take-off and flight were fine actually. But the Chinese are a strange lot. They spent most of their flight standing in the back waiting to go into the toilet. And when they're not out of their seat, they continuously press the cabin-attendant attention button.
    Anyways... The flight was ok, but the landing... Brrr... I guess I was lucky Airbus makes sturdy planes. The landing was... how put it... HARD!!! We smacked on the runway with brute force and bounced up to bounce once more. All passengers grabbed their seats' armrests and held their breath. This all in perfectly fine weather.
    So the pilot had a bad day... So what?
    Well, try CI665 going back to SIN. Same rough landing. In ok weather. These guys cannot fly!!!! Or they just doin't care about passenger comfort.

    I'll take CX or SQ next time...


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    two landings is not enough to make a judgement in my opinion. A hard landing doesn't necissarly mean its unsafe. I might just be SOPs. Though by seeing the airports you were flying to I doubt this was the case, but at least in light aircraft when you're trying to do a short field landing you dont exactly grease it down. You can lose quite a bit of kinetic energy with a landing that isn't exactly soft which helps you slow down much faster. It kinda bothers me when people say "oh, this landing was rough, our pilot sucks" You obviously have never flown a plane before.


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      You're right, I would normally not make such a quick judgement. However, two very hard (and I mean VERY hard, definitely not SOP) landings for no apparent reason seem quite odd to me. I fly quite a lot, and I've never experienced something like this on any other flight. Even in very bad weather. Therefor my statement.


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        I flew on dynasty flight 65 from Amsterdam to Bangkok a while ago.........and I would say...........China airlines beats KLM on that route!
        check out