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MAN-DUB-MAN Part 1 (First Jetphotos Flight Review)

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  • MAN-DUB-MAN Part 1 (First Jetphotos Flight Review)


    Flight - FR 0557
    From - MAN/EGCC T2
    To - DUB/EIDW
    ETD - 13.45
    Date - 19th Feb
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-200 Advanced - EI-CNY (Killkenny logojet)

    We turned up at check-in nice and early at around 11.50am ready for the flight opening time of 12.10pm. We were first in the line for check-in which opened on time. We then proceded through to departures but were not allowed throught until the R.O.I (Republic Of Ireland) Passport Control opened at 12.30 which was a bit of an incovienience because I wanted to watch the aircraft through the glass but what can you do.
    Once through R.O.I Passport Control we proceeded right toward the east side of the terminal to look at an Air 2000 757-200 which was parked in storage at the team along with an Electra Airways DC-10-15 and the Monarch Airlines DC-10-30 (Which i've been on ). I then started walking towards the Gate so I could be first on board and continued watching the aircraft from there, I then saw another Air 2000 A320-200 arrive the gate adjacent to us, aswell as a Britannia Airways 757-200 and company 767-200. Across the apron was pretty busy aswell.
    Anyway back to the flight. At around 12.25 the aircraft arrived at the gate and much to my supprise wearing the Killkenny Logojet sceme. Within 10 minutes the passengers from the FR 0556 had vacated the aircraft had refueld and it was ready for boarding. Firstly passengers who needed assitance boarding or had young children were called up then we were all asked to come forward being welcomed Ryanair flight FR 557 to Dublin very plesantly. We had all boarded via the air bridge within 15 minutes and the doors had been closed hatches sucured and where ready for push and start (credit to Servisair for this speedy turn around). We had an open seat plan so I sat by the window just infront of the wing. We began push and start just a few minutes late and then promtly taxied to runway 24R were we almost immediatly swung on to the runway and the throttles were advanced. After a long roll of around 60 seconds (Due to a full load) rotation came at a speed of around 150KTS. We swiftly climbed into the cold, bumpy, rainy Manchester sky and after about a minute were in cloud in which we leveled out at for cruise at 14000ft. Shortly after departure the Cabin Crew got to work and within about 7 minutes of climb they were passing through the cabin with a drinks service followed by a duty free trolley (Well done to Crew for there friendly efficiant service). I was very suprised they were able to fit this in during the 30 minutes flight. Soon the Captian came over the tannoy to announce we were heading towards the coast of Wales then onwards to Dublin and that we would make up time in the air and arrive ahead of schedule. Ten minutes later we began are decent into Dublin. When out of the cloud we were greated by the Irish Sea, some fishing boats and a rainy Dublin day, soon the Cabin Crew were asked to take there seats for landing and we were passing over the harbour on finals for Runway 28. Just minutes from touchdown we hit tubulence which threw the aircraft about. We overcame this and soon we were passing over the main duelcarraige way that leads to and from the airport. Passing over the threshold I saw an Aer Lingus A321-200 awaiting departure instructions. Touchdown came slightly later than usuall due to the winds but the Captain made a smooth touchdown considering the conditions, almost immidiatly we were all thrown forward with the affects of max Autobrake and the full reverse thrust. These were shortly extinguished and the Captain prosumably resorted to manual braking and we taxied of the runway at the bottom exit. On taxi I saw my FIRST and LAST Go Fly 737-300. As we were taxing the Cabin Crew soon went back to there duties and the Head Purser came over the tannoy informing us of the (Bad) weather and about Air Coaches leaving from outside the Pier every 10 minutes to the city centre, he also thanked us for flying with Ryanair and wished us a safe and happy onward journey. We arrived at the stand early at 14.20, the fasten seat belt signs turned off and we were asked to mind our heads opening the overhead lockers as lugage may have become dislodged during the flight. We then proceeded to the front left exit and disembarked, were we were thanked for flying with Ryanair once again and were shown to the Pier.
    We then went toward passport control and through to the bagage collection carousells were the lugage was promtly ariving to us (Well done to the Ryanair flight crew and Dispatch team at Dublin and Manchester).

    Overall this was an excelant flight and I would recommend Ryanair to anyone seeking a cheep, reliable, short haul, low fares airline and although the seat was slightly crampted (only slightly crapmted and i'm a tall person) I would fly Ryanair again and again. (I already have before hand)

    Ryanair ***** 5 Star for this flight

    The first Flight Review

    I hope you enjoyed it!



    Part 2 to follow

    Enjoy Every Moment

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    Good flight review.

    I dont like the idea of flying on the killkenny jet though because its one of the old 200's isnt it?

    Now its my turn to write one


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      I too think that that was a good flight review. Nice job!



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        Thanks for a very detailed and interesting flight report. I enjoyed reading it.

        Why did you think that was the last Go Fly 733 you would see. Go still exists as a separate airline for a couple more weeks even from now, and there are still several aircraft awaiting to be repainted in the easyJet livery. I shall be surprised if they are all repainted by the time Go goes.

        You might yet see one in Go colours even if it is really an easyJet by then.

        Do you think you night try bmibaby when this airline starts flying from MAN?


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          Hi MerchantVenturer,
          The only opertunity to see a GO Fly aircraft for me was to be at Dublin as I did. This was the first and only time i've seen one.



          Enjoy Every Moment