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PART II ------- 10/10/03 SeaTac LOTSA PICS-BEWARE

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  • PART II ------- 10/10/03 SeaTac LOTSA PICS-BEWARE

    If you didn't read Part I, here it is.

    <-Begin Part II->

    What a nice airport, I thought. The North Sattelite was very spacious and open. I was still feeling like food so I went to the huge food court in the middle. I had a burger and fries. Most of the planes had departed, so there was really nothing to see. I took the escalator to the underground train. The escalators in SeaTac are very narrow and steep. There were two of them. I made it down and there was a train all ready and waiting for passengers. I hopped on and the doors closed, we didn't move yet, first they told us we were on the train to C and D concourses, and the terminal and baggage claim. Then I assume the same thing was said in Japanese. The whole airport is just full of people from Japan. Anyway, the train wasn't by all means fast, infact, it was very slow, and the track was very curvy. Why would they do that? It was fun though. I came on this trip wanting to ride the SeaTac underground trains. That is why I wanted to arrive in the N satellite. Why do they call them Satellites? Hmmm. After a minute or so, I arrived at the C concourse. More narrow escalators. I got off and my first impression was that it was very nice, but I walked around and noticed it wasn't very well kept up. I walked nearly to the end of it and saw a pretzel stand, well, guess what I did. (Note: I am not fat and do not normally eat like this, but for some reason I just did) Since my QX flight didn't leave for almost 2 hours, I took some pics. I went all the way down to where there was a block like area with alot of open sapce. I took some pics of a Horizon Q400.

    Across the way was the plane I just got off.

    I continued around the perimeter of the block and came by a spot by an American 757

    Then I noticed the runways, wow, what a great spot to spot and take pics. I am knida mad at myself, I had a smudge on my lens and it made most of my pics blurry on the right side.

    I sat there and took pics for maybe an hour and a half, whoops, gotta watch my time, my QX flight leaves in 30 minutes, time to head back. I walked back and felt thirsty, so I grabbed a Snapple out of the vending machines, and a Lottery scratch ticket. I love those, but I cannot believe they sell them in the airport. There were vending machines and lottery ticket machines everywhere. I had a Peach Tea Snapple, which is what I am having as I type this. I made my way to C2L and they were boarding my row. They took my flimsy ticket and stamped it with BOARDING GATE L. I stepped out the doors and down some stairs and onto the ground.

    Part III coming soon.