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  • MAN - SZG

    Hi, Just thought Id post my flight review, it was my first flight ever and a bit old to! June 2002, anyway, Enjoy!

    Flight - BE 5602
    From - MAN/EGCC T1
    To - SZG/LOWS
    Date - 8th June 2002
    Aircraft - British Aerospace BAe 146-200
    Airline: British European (FlyBe)

    We arrived at the airport very early, about 10:15am, even though are flight was not until 3 o'clock that afternoon, we had a bit of a wait before we could check in, only about an hour though, while we where waiting I went and did a bit of spotting from the inside viewing area, unfortunately I didnt have my camera with me , after check-in we had to go and find the where our aircraft was, this took some time as we had my younger brother and sisters with us, eventually we arrived at our gate just in time for boarding, the plane was a BAe 146-200 in Air France Colours (Picture Below), Operated by British European (Now FlyBe),

    After boarding the plane the captain came on the P.A, and told us of a small delay, after a 10-minute wait we began our pushback from T1 and were on our way to depart, as this was my first flight and it was a rainy day (typical British weather) I was afraid that something would go wrong, after getting to the runway and departing the was a bit of turbulence but after about 6,000FT it stopped and the flight was alright, the flight would took about 2 hours 25 minutes and after 30 minutes when we were cruising at 26,000FT they started to serve food and drinks, the cabin crew were friendly and very helpful, nearing the end if our flight, the pilot came on the PA and told us we were about 25 minutes away from landing, we started our descent to Salzburg airport, with no turbulence that I could feel, braking through the clouds at around 5,000FT I think, we then began our turn to line up with the runway, after landing it took about 5 minutes to taxi to the terminal, there were not a lot of planes at Salzburg, I saw a Tyrolean Dash 8 and a British Airways 146, overall the flight was very good, I would defiantly fly with FlyBe again.

    FlyBe **** 4 Star For This Flight,

    Hope you enjoy it


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    hey joe,
    nice little review


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