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MCO-BWI 4/20/01

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  • MCO-BWI 4/20/01

    Introduction: Same format as Part 1 but without the factual description. It is too much work too write and not as much fun. Also this is more rushed and there are now people here bothering me.

    MetroJet N261AU

    The Sun was shining as we traversed the wilds of suburban Orlando on our way to MCO for our return to the wet state of Maryland.(it rained while we were gone.) It had been 5 days since Easter and 6 days since my birthday. I would have to go back to school on the 23rd. it was getting me down until we arrived at the airport and entered. it is always very exciting to me when I am at the airport there is the happiness of a change of scenery and the crowded bustle of the airport that always maks me smile. We got into the MetroJet line at the US Airways ticket counter we shortly arrived at the counter and checked in. We gave them our baggages and new clothing(and birthday presents I had received). We then went through security(I can?t tell any difference between pre and post Sept. 11th.) and walked to the tram to take to our terminal. We boarded the crowded tram and found a place to stand. We walked out to our gate and I took some photos of the US Airways planes at MCO. I then had some Pizza Hut food and satdown and people watched. We then boarded and took off at noon. it was a brilliantly clear day and you could see all the way across floor. I was in the same seat as I was on the way down. I took some pictures of the Atlantic but the one I submitted was rejected here.(No hard feelings.) We cruised back and once again I saw the clouds reappear as we crossed the South Carolina/North Carolina border. The sun stayed up and we left it before it left us. I was sad as we watched the Sun disappear as we slipped into the clouds. We came out of the bottom of the clouds at about 900 ft. We circled to the north and landed from the North to the South, so we didn?t pass my house.(I live south of the airport and from the south they fly up the severn river which is near my house). We landed early and taxied to the gate. The captain annonced that it was 56 degrees(f) and raining. I got off and walked to the baggage claim, where the luggage promptly arrived and we departed off home. The sky was still gray and it looked as if nothing had changed. It looked that way until I saw the green. Leaves were now on the trees. I arrived home and unpacked. the next morning rose bright and sunny. Spring had arrived.