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    This one goes a while but anyway.

    Flight - FR0556
    From - DUB/EIDW Pier A
    To- MAN/EGCC T2
    ETD - 18.00
    Date – Sept 11th 2002
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-200 Advanced - EI-CJE (Jaguar logojet)

    Arrived at Dublin airport at about 16:45 joined the queue for check-in. Once
    checked in I proceeded towards the security checkpoint. Security was very slow
    so I had to wait patiently before passing through. With it being 1 year exactly
    since the terrorist’s attacks in the United States security was very tight.
    The queue was going nowhere and everyone was wondering what the hold up was.
    Eventually I discovered that the hold up was a man who was giving out to the
    security guards because they had confiscated his small penknife. The businessman
    tried to argue his case but the security guard wasn’t having any of it. After
    going through the checks I headed straight for pier B to do a little spotting.
    A futura 737-400 was pushing back on its way to Malaga, a SAS MD83 just arrived
    from Copenhagen, British Midland A321 arrived in from London Heathrow, numerous
    Ryanair 737-200 where coming and going. With ten minutes before boarding was
    dew to commence I headed for pier A. No aircraft was on stand. We were told
    that the aircraft was delayed 10 minutes due to ATC restrictions. Sure enough
    ten minutes later the Jaguar logojet arrived in from Manchester with a full
    load. After a very quick cleaning we proceeded to board. I took my seat in row
    5 on the left hand side of the plane.
    I didn’t particularly want to sit anywhere down the back of the aircraft due
    to those noisy JT8D-7 turbofans. The cabin crew started their head
    count and after double-checking they informed the ground crew that they were
    missing one passenger. It was now 18:10, we should have been in the air ten
    minutes already. We sat and waited another five minutes, finally a young man
    bored. But he then insisted that he have an aisle seat up the front of the aircraft.
    The cabin crew asked him to find a seat quickly and sit down because we where
    already late enough but he refused to sit down unless he got his seat up the
    front. Eventually a young women offered to give him her seat. Everyone was getting
    a bit curious as to why he had to sit up the front, he continued to be loud
    and annoying. With it exactly a year since September 11th 2001, you could tell
    that people where very observant to everything that was going on and you could
    even see that a couple of people where nervous. Finally the doors where closed
    and the engines where started. We began to taxi quickly to runway 10 where we
    joined the queue. In front of us was an Aer Lingus Bae 146-200 bound for LCY,
    a British airways 737-400 bound fro LGW and a Ryanair 737-800 bound for Stansted.
    We started our take off roll about 20 minutes late. FR 556 smoothly rotated
    of the runway and climbed away out over the Irish Sea. We maintained the runway
    heading of one zero as we climbed to flight level 150. Shortly after the cabin
    crew began their in-flight service. It was a beautiful clear afternoon providing
    excellent views of the Irish Sea. As we where coming closer to the British coastline
    it became overcast. About 20 minutes into the flight the engines powered back
    and we started to descend. The captain then announced that we would be landing
    in about 12 minutes informing us that despite our delay in Dublin we would still
    arrive on time in Manchester. After what appeared to be a very fast decent we
    broke out of the cloud at about 6,000 feet, then started banking to the left.
    The flaps started to be lowered and then another big left had turn lining us
    up with runway 24R. The landing gear was lowered and the final flap setting
    selected. Over the threshold and a smooth flare meet with the damp runway. Reverse
    thrust and a small bit of manual braking slowed us down. We exited the runway
    a taxied behind a PIA 747-300 to terminal 2. We parked in beside an Excel 737-800
    and a Britannia 757-200. The engines where shut down and we disembarked from
    the rear of the plane straight on to the waiting bus to take us to the ROI passport
    control. Another successful Ryanair flight.

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    Glad to know you enjoyed the flight! It always pisses me off when passengers demand a seat out of the flight attendants... if I want a window on flights, I usually look for a guy wearing business attire, and he usually takes my Aisle seat!


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      nice, hope u enjoyed it
      Some people in today's society are so thick!