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    This is the report of a trip i took on now bankrupt Vanguard Airlines (NJ) in March of 2002

    March 8, 2002
    N140NJ (Purple Tail)
    Flight 842? MCI-FLL

    I was pretty excited as this was my first time flying on NJ, my hometown airline, so i had no idea what to really expect. I arrived at Terminal A at MCI at about 730 for my 910 flight to FLL, and was disappointed to see the line strecthing for what seemed like miles at the NJ counter. However, NJ did an awesome job, and i was checked in and on my way to the gate in less than 15 minutes. Had one last cigarette and a burger king breakfast with my best friend and said goodbye. Then i saw NJ's newest MD-80 pull into the gate. The plane was coming in from DEN, and it was late, so we didnt exactly board or depart on time, maybe 15 mins late. I boarded, and thought i was on an AA plane instead. The seats were all pre-MRTC baby blue, but still comfortable more or less. I took my seat in 27A and waited for departure. The F/A's were very funny, making a point to joke with the pax and made us all feel really welcome. We took off, and shortly afterwards were served a granola bar and a soda. This flight was about 80-85% full, which was pretty nice, not too crowded. Before i knew it, 3 hours had passed, and we were making an low, low approach over the everglades (gives me the chills every time). We touched down about 5 minutes late, and i was off to a week of spring break!!!
    Mar. 15, 2002
    Boeing MD-80
    Flight 311 FLL-MCI

    Arrived at a crowded FLL 2 hrs prior to departure, checked in with absolutely no problem, and had time to relax outside on one of the benches overlooking the tarmac, very nice way to end this trip. I then made my way inside to catch my flight. I arrived at the gate just as the beautiful Kelly-green MD-80 pulled into the gate, offloading an already thawing load of MCI pax. The plane was turned around in no time, and we made an on time 210pm departure. This plane was AWESOME. The new MD-80 seats on NJ were the best seats i have ever experienced in coach. Arguably as good as YX, just minus the seat width. If you had the chance to see these seats, you know what i'm talking about. Inflight service was the same as the first flight, although they came through 2x this flight. We made a great approach over the whole city of Kansas City, getting great views of downtown, and made a great landing on Rwy 27 in MCI. Quick taxi, and i was home in surprisingly warm MCI (60 degrees).

    Overall, i was very impressed by NJ, and was upset when they declared bankruptcy, it was horrible for MCI. Well, that's the industry i guess today, too bad. Hope you enjoyed this, my second trip report!!!
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    Here's the a/c from the trip

    Flt 311 FLL-MCI

    Flt 842 MCI-FLL

    Vanguard's Awesome new MD-80 Seats
    Packin more nuts than Delta Airlines


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      sorry, guess i had some trouble posting the pics
      Packin more nuts than Delta Airlines


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        A breif but enjoyable report!



        Enjoy Every Moment


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          Post links not pics

          If you post the links they work but the photos most likely won't so use the links.