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    As sort of a "gift" to all new employees, new YX employees get a "fam pass" to get familiarized w/ the product, the travel is 100% free and it must be completed in one day, so with that in mind, myself and 3 co-workers decided it was time to head to DC for a nice little getaway.
    Jul 29,2002
    YX 360

    Arrived at the airport on this busy morning about an hour and a half early, only to learn that one of our traveling companions did not have his fam pass, so after we pulled a few strings, we ran to gate 87, and boarded just as the door was being closed. We joined the *7* other pax going to dulles that morning, and were pushed back just as we had the chance to sit down in row 12 (exit row on yx= awesome legroom). After take off we had a choice of an omelet or gingerbread pancakes with sausage and OF COURSE free champagne. So, we made friends with the F/A who was more than happy to keep the mimosas coming. So the drunken representatives of YX were pretty much the IFE for this flight LOL. The pancakes were awesome by the way. Soon enough we were on the ground in DC, ready to catch a cab to downtown DC for a day of sightseeing. It would have been much easier to fly to DCA, but all flights for the day were at capacity.
    Jul. 29, 2002
    YX Flt 362

    We made it back to IAD Just with enough time to check in as Non-rev and make our way through security and board the mobile lounge to get to the terminal. IAD is very interesting, very out-of-date, but unique. To me it was very similar to MCI minus the terminal layout. On this flight there would be 14 pax (out of 84), so once again the service would be excellent. Departed on time at 630pm, and we were treated to a VS and BA 744 pushing for London. After take off we were given a choice of either Crab Cakes or a Hawaiian salad. I chose the crab cakes, which were served over gnocchi/ravioli type pasta in a tomato sauce, and then accompanied by cheesecake. The crab cakes were phenomenal, and even better with the white wine we were served. Nicole, one of my co-workers had the Hawaiian Salad, which looked interesting, and had alot of fruit in it, but she said it was horrible. We then had a great conversation with the man seated in 13A (behind us) about how great the service and food was. Too bad this route would be cancelled about a month later. We landed on time and started to laugh at the NJ planes parked at the TWA/AA MX base (b/c this was awesome news for YX at MCI, even though i liked NJ). The flight came to an end, and we were back home. What a great trip, this is only part of the trip because we literally saw everything one would want to see in DC in a matter of 8 hours. So i drove home exhausted, but really excited about what i had just seen in only a day!!!!

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