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Yet another Trip report: CO MCI-IAH-FLL-CLE-MCI LONG!!

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  • Yet another Trip report: CO MCI-IAH-FLL-CLE-MCI LONG!!

    This is the report of my most recent flight, a non-rev "adventure" from MCI-FLL. ENJOY

    October 4, 2002
    CO Flt 685
    Boeing 737-500

    Well, i decided it was time to use my last Non-rev pass before it expired, so on monday, i decided i really needed some time in the sun in South Florida, so i called CO, listed myself, and made my plans. Before i knew it, it was Friday, and i was on my way up to MCI. I had no problems w/ traffic @ 7am on a friday, so i guess i was lucky. Pulled into Satellite parking at MCI, and hopped on the bus to Terminal C. I love the new design of the terminals at MCI, the convenience for O&D pax is still definately there, and the design is absolutely top-notch. Well, with that said, i made my way through the new portion (home of F9, NW, and CO) of Terminal C and checked in at the CO counter. The agent told me that there were 15 non-revs listed, so i would need to check in at the gate to get my boarding pass. No problem, i made my way to gate 65, and checked in without a problem. I then parked myself infront of the huge windows and kept busy watching the busy tarmac. In just the little alley way between Terminal B&C i saw 2 AA MD-80s: one to LGA and one to DFW, 1 AA 757 to STL, 1 AA 738 to ORD, 3 NW D9s to MSP, DTW, and MEM, A DL 757 to ATL, DL M90 to SLC, and of course our CO 735 to IAH. In no time, it was time to board. I waited a while, because i hate waiting in line, which was a horrible mistake, because by the time i finally boarded, there was NO room for my rollaboard anywhere, so it was gate-check time (YES! checked baggage on a standby ticket). So i took my seat (10E) and started chatting with the two non-revs sitting next to me, a CSR from MCI on his way to IAH to play some golf, and an F/A from N. Kansas City on her way to work in IAH. Soon enough we were pushed back, and taxied towards 19L for our departure. The 735, completely loaded, slowly whined up to full power and shot down the runway. This plane wasnt bad, but i much prefer the 737NGs. After takeoff, the F/A's were in the cabin with beverages and danishes, which was nice to have on a 2 hr flight (i was expecting a smile and nothing to eat). With my danish in hand, i opened my Geography book, and began studying EVERYTHING about the middle east (we had a huge test the next week), studied that until we were on approach to IAH, which took us over Lake houston, and then into IAH, giving us a good view of all the construction going on at IAH. This was my first time to IAH, and i am now convinced that a taxi time under 25 minutes is prohibited by Texas Law. Every time i go to DFW, it feels like we land in OKC and take I-35 the rest of the way there, unfortunately IAH is pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as DFW. Finally, we were parked at the C-concourse. I got off the plane, said goodbye to my seat mates, and made my way to find a bite to eat. After having some buffalo shrimp, i decided i needed to burn some calories, as i'd be on the beach in 4 hours, and walked the incredibly expansive terminal complex at IAH. I dont think i even saw half of it, and the lay out is very confusing. But, overall, a nice airport, and lots of way to kill time.

    CO Flt 1101
    B 757-200

    Time had come to board the flight to FLL, and on this a/c there was also no possibility for F/C, but hey, i was flying for free, so i was just happy to get on. I was cleared for 9A, a nice seat towards the front of Y class. This flight was at about 50% capacity, which really surprised me. The f/a's on this flight were MUCH nicer and funnier than the ones on the MCI-IAH flight, which was nice to see. After a short paperwork delay, we were pushed back from hot (90 degrees worth of hot w/ no PC-air) IAH, and again waited for departure for what seemed like an eternity. But this delay let me see a 777 depart for LAX, and the KL 744 arrive from AMS. Finally, we were in position, and rocketed down the runway. We climbed out over the suburbs of houston, and were over the gulf of Mexico in no time. Beverage service started, and i decided i'd just pass and listen to my CDs and study some more. I dont really like flying through Texas to get to FLL usually, but this flight seemed to go much faster than previous flights through DFW. But anyway, in no time we were over TPA beginning a very slow descent into FLL. We shot through the puffy thunderstorms over the everglades, and dropped the flaps down right when we go to Sawgrass Mills (the huge outlet mall in Sunrise). Pretty soon we were skimming the marshes and houses mixed together on approach to FLL. Then, my favorite part, we came in low and fast over I95 and slammed down on 9L, letting it all hang out and slammin on the brakes....awesome. Taxied over to the new term 3? (the term #s at fll are so screwy now). Deplaned into the humid, but cool terminal building, which in my opinion is the coolest right now in america. Claimed my luggage, and met my cousin, who took me to my Grandma's condo in Lauderdale-by-the-sea.

    October 6, 2002
    CO flt 1849 FLL-IAH

    Well, my plan was to non-rev out of FLL on a sunday, along with 500,000 disembarking cruise passengers (Fare paying cruise passengers), so i wasnt sure how that would pan out. I checked in at terminal 3 at 1030am for my Noon departure, and was told that there was 1 seat that had not been claimed, but i was the only non-rev, so my chances were 50-50. Went to the gate, waited, waited, and then the door was closed. I went up to the gate and asked very politely to be switched to the CLE routing. I was told, "so, now you want to go to Cleveland, and then to MCI, why are you even trying to non-rev on a sunday", to which i replied that i needed to get home for school and would take whatever they would give me, well that got an enthusiastic "well, you can try cleveland, but you probably wont get on, there's only 5 seats, but i guess you can try, *sigh*". Well maybe she was having a bad day, but i was just trying to get home, and i know it was crazy at FLL on a Sunday, but it had to be done. Long story, i made it on the CLE flight, taking the last seat.
    CO Flt 1784

    I was so excited when i saw a 738 pull up, b/c this would *hopefully* be my first flight on a 738. Well, i got a seat, 29 F, squished against the wall in the last row, right next to the lavs, but i was going home, so i took what i could get. The lights were off on this a/c and the air conditioning was definately not on, so not really a good start for the 3 hour flight that was on its way. We pushed back on time and made our way to the end of 9L behind a DL 764. Soon enough, the 738 struggled to turn onto the runway (we were 150% full), it was cool sitting in the very back, because the ground just seemed to glide underneath the airplane as it turned. Then the engines spooled, and we made a very slow t/o roll. Not too impressive, but i guess when you're fully loaded and it's 90 degrees out that happens. Turned west about 5 miles out over the ocean, and back over to the main land. Beverage service commenced, only one service, no food, for the 3 hour flight. Not a great experience, but it was cool to fly on the 738. 3 very long hours later we were on approach to CLE which took us over downtown Cleveland, and then turned us into CLE. We came down with a smack on the rwy, and made a quick taxi to the gate. Naturally, waited forever, as i was the last to get off the plane, and then made my way through the CLE airport, which i honestly didnt pay too much attention to, over to the COEX gates.

    CO flt. 2159 CLE-MCI

    This was my first RJ flight, and i had no idea what to expect. I was excited, but am 6'4, so was skeptical on how comfortable this a/c would be for the 2+ hour flight back home to MCI. I was cleared seat 14A (a single seat over the wing) and boarded the flight which was at about 95% capacity. We were greeted by a very cute and nice F/A (dont remember her name), and i ducked and made my way down the aisle to my seat. The ERJ was nice, but seemed cramped, i guess since i had never flown like this before (minus my little 172). I stuffed my carryon under the seat and started to relax. In no time at all, we were pushed back, and the awesome whine of the engines started. I was then treated to a One f/a safety briefing, something i've never seen, which was quite interesting, as we made our way to the rwy. The taxi on the ERJ was really bumpy, which surprised me for such a new A/C. We took off powerfully without wait from CLE, and shot towards MCI. I was shocked when we were offered o sandwich!!!! WOW, this was the best service by far i had on CO the whole trip. The F/A made it a point to actually talk with every one of the pax, which was really nice. Soon enough, we were on approach to MCI. Our f/a was still chatting with the pax up front, and came through the cabin to collect the rest of the trash while we were on a mile final. i gave her my trash, and said "you better sit down, we're almost there!!! in a joking way" to which she looked out the window an literally ran through the cabin grabbing all the trash shw could!! We landed on rwy 27 and quickly taxied to term C at MCI. As i deplaned, the F/A asked me if i worked for CO, and i said no, but she said, "thanks for the warning".....hmm should've pursued that, but no.

    Well, that's the end of this ridiculously long trip report (for me at least) your comments are always appreciated!!!
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    I wish I could jump on a plane and go to Florida when it got ot cold here. I just go in the summer when I'm trying to get away from the heat. (not to Florida, but to California) Nice review and visit my sites...sorry had to get that in.


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      Good Review

      Long But Good


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        The longer the better.


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          Originally posted by Greg
          The longer the better.
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