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  • a78jumper
    Time to service air.

    The space available program in Canada was called Pri(Priority) 5, and was in place on both Air Force and civilian aircraft. I used it three times, twice one-way between Gatwick and Lahr, FRG (near Strasbourg, Fr) and once on a flight that was continuing on home from CFB Ottawa to CFB Trenton (I was the only pax in a 170 seat 707). I know people that were lucky, but I also know people that got burned because they could not get home on a return flight in their allotted leave time, and had to buy a one way commercial ticket at the last moment, pricey if you are talking FRA-YYZ. So I always flew commercial to Europe.
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  • herpa2003
    started a topic Space A Trip Report

    Space A Trip Report

    If you are in the military or are a spouse or dependent, you probably know something about space-available travel. For those of you who don't know, space a is free or very reduced cost travel on government aircraft or civilian charters for military and their families. I have only flown space a three times, but I thought I would write a trip report just to give you a general idea of what it is. (Sorry, I don't know the exact dates, I just remember it was in August a few years ago)

    Monday- Space Available for a World MD-11 to Atlanta. Drive an hour to Rhein-Main, only to not get on the flight. I find out there is a C-5 to Dover leaving from Ramstein. I drive aother 2 hours south, but dont get on that flight either. I call and find out there are morre flights leaving from Ramstein tomorrow. I go home discouraged and doubting if I will be able to make a flight.

    Tuesday- Drive to Ramstein to see if I can get on a C-5 to Andrews AFB. Dont get on that flight. I find out there is a C-130 leaving for the USA stopping in the Azores, leaving at 2:00 am. There are only 6 seats available, but I try anyways, I don't get on.

    Wednesday- There is a World DC-10 to BWI and Atlanta. Over 100 seats available so it looks good. But, once again I don't get on. There is a C-5 leaving for Dover, but I decide to just go home.

    Thursday- I stay home and rest

    Friday- There is a World DC-10 to Atlanta and a C-5 to Dover. Finally, I get on the DC-10. It is all economy class, and the flight is uneventful. I arrive in Atlanta worried about my chances of getting a flight back to Germany.

    Next Friday- I try to get on a World flight back to FRA. No chance. There were over 120 people who signed up in July in front of me. I have to get home soon and decide to take US Airways back to FRA. In the Summer with no advance the trip is expensive, but I have to get back. I end up taking a USAir 737-200 from ATL-PIT and a US Airways 767-200 from PIT-FRA. Both flights are uneventful.

    I know it sounds awful, but I tried again the next November and got on on my first try. Needless to say I will think twice before trying to space a again in the summer!