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    Well, i finally got my dream job as a CSR for Midwest Express. It was time again to make a second trip to MKE for Company Orientation.

    Jun. 28, 2002
    YX flt. 1

    Wow, what an early morning, i was used to working at 430, but when i thought about what was ahead of me, it was just exhausting to think about waking up at 3am to catch my 550 am flight. Made my way up to MCI and parked in the Employee Parking lot. I took a minute to relax outside in the balmy pre-sunrise weather, and wait for the shuttle. I hopped on the shuttle and rode on over to terminal A, looking out the window to see all the RON aircraft parked everywhere. I checked in without a problem, due to the fact that there were only 30 pax on this flight, and waited to board. Boarding started 15 minutes prior to departure, and we were ready to go in no time. We pushed back on time, and were in the air at 6am just as the sun was rising. Immediately, the F/A's came through with a breakfast snack and beverage service. Today we would be having a bagel w/ cream cheese and jelly and some fruit (much better than the peanuts they now serve on this flight). I had a glass of champagne to calm my nerves, and sat back wondering what my 3 days alone in MKE would be like. Soon enough, we were over downtown Milwaukee making our final approach into MKE. We landed and taxied to D-30 very quickly. I deplaned and made my way to YX headquarters. I was very relieved when i arrived and got to see how cool the headquarters really are, and when i actually started meeting people who were just as nervous as i was, that made it all the better. We spent the day touring the Hangar at MKE, which was absolutely one of the coolest things i have ever seen, and getting acquainted with the company policies.
    Jun. 30, 2002
    YX Flt. 949 MKE-MCI

    After 3 days of orientation, and sleepless nights at the Clarion, i had decided i'd be better off leaving orientation 30 minutes early and catching the 5pm flight, rather than waiting at MKE for 5 hours to catch the 10pm flight home. I rushed to the airport just in time to check in and make it to the gate. I made my way to D-10 where our aircraft was waiting. Boarding had not started, b/c maintenance was on board fixing a broken lavatory. After a 15 minute delay, we were all on board and ready to go. On this flight there were about 75/116 pax, pretty light for this flight. We made our way to the runway and took off over Lake Michigan. About a mile over Lake Michigan, we made a lazy right turn to the southwest for our 1:15 flight back down to MCI. The seatbelt sign was turned off, and the F/A's came through the cabin offering a snack consisting of fruit and dip, and two wafers. I like how YX offers something somewhat healthy on their flights. I sat back and enjoyed the service on this short flight. We started descending, and approached runway 19L over smithville lake. We lined up to land at very cloudy and humid MCI (awesome vapor trails). We shot over the highway, and touched down softly on 19L. This was the end of my little trip to MKE, and it was time for me to enjoy 2 days off!!!

    Well, that's pretty much it, pretty uneventful, but a great flight, i love flying on the YX MD-80's, they look brand new!!!
    Comments are always appreciated!!!
    Packin more nuts than Delta Airlines

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    Summer flight are always fun because then you can feel the cabin air conditioner working and see the vapor trails. Once when flying into St. Louis we passed through a fog bank along the mississippi it left some great trails and watching the mist/fog flow over the wing was fantastic. And the fact we were on a TWA Dc-9 made it cool also. Speaking of working for an airline when I graduate from High School I plan to work for WN as a Customer service agent so I can have money to go to Embry-Riddle