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Southwest Airlines STL-MCI-PHX. July 22, 2001.

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  • Southwest Airlines STL-MCI-PHX. July 22, 2001.

    July 22.

    Leave for St. Louis at 5:30 am. Arrive at 7:30am. Check my baggage, and sit out at the gate and wait for my flight 1827(no longer exists because of 9/11) to arrive from Clevland. I talked with the Gate people, and they decided to let me pre-board. I was sooo excited because it was a first flight for everything. 1 time flying by myself, 1 time flying on Southwest airlines, first time flying on the 737-300...first for everything. So I was definetly excited. Finally my plane landed and taxied to the gate to pick me. I boarded first and sat RIGHT BEHIND the wing and a window seat. I waited for everyone to board. The flight attendants go over the safety procedures. We taxi to the runway. Stop, and wait for a plane to land(TWA 757 arriving from whereever TWA flies the 757), and then we started our take-off run. It seemed to take FOREVER to get into the sky. Finally we settle into the nice 45 minute flight to Kansas City to stop and refuel, passengers, etc. I turned on my music and listened till it was time to land. We turn left, right, left right.....finally we are crossing over the bridge, and I swear the cars on the bridge were waving to us!!! Then finally we landed with a heavy thump,(never could get used to that) and then taxied to gate B 16 or 19 can't remember. I talked with other passengers. Then finally everyone reboarded, and etc. Take off after an American 727. Finally, we settle in for the nice long 2 hour and 30 minute flight. I was treated like I was in first class. The Flight Attendents on Southwest were HILARIOUS!! and made sure I was treated with care. I couldn't belive how great the service was!! I talked with one of the flight attendent(I got to hang in the back of the plane wiht the flight attendents, that was awesome!!!) and learned she didn't live far from where my grandma's town was..small world. Then again, the flight attendents were just superb!!! I was really impressed with them!!! To make along 2 hour 30 minute flight short, we just cruised along, no turbelence, of any sort just great smooth, flight. Finally, we get the signal to go back to seats and buckle up. We turn over the grand canyon(again a wonderful sight!!) and started our descent into Phoenix. We "float" over the city, and right over Bank one Ball park stadium. Finally we touch down, and right when we did another Southwest plane took off opposite of us. We braked, and turned right. We taxied to gate C12. I couldn't believe all of the America West airlines there. We arrived 10 minutes early. MY aunt was hurrying to meet me at the gate, because she heard our flight had landed. Then got off, and hugged the flight attendent( ) and thanked them for the wonderful service!!!

    Hope ya'll enjoyed that!!! Any comments welcome, and look for my return trip from PHX-STL nonstop, july 29th on Southwest later.