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Sightseeing on a Boeing 767-300ER

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  • Sightseeing on a Boeing 767-300ER

    Every year the airports of Berlin are celebrating a day of the open door (is it correct translated?) at Schoenefeld Airport. During this event several sightseeing flights were planned. I read this on the internet and booked a flight with Condor/Thomas Cook Airbus A-320. The window seats were sold for 50,- euro. That?s a good price for being one hour in flight.
    Two weeks before the flight I was called by Thomas Cook that there were several changes. The flight should take place few hours later and the plane was changed to a Boeing 767-300ER. Yeah, want can a spotter want more!!!
    The day the flight was scheduled a friend of mine and I made our way to Berlin and the weather was perfectly for spotting. At the airport several airplanes were displayed and we made a guided tour to the airport facilities. We were in some hangars of Lufthansa and could see some Lufthansa and ex Ansett aircraft.
    When the aircraft arrived, we were very lucky to see that it was the second in Thomas Cook colours painted 767 of Condor ? D-ABUB. But unfortunately the weather went rainy and windy. 45 minutes before departure we went on to the Terminal were the passengers were checked-in. This was in the smaller terminal on the right of the main terminal at Schoenefeld. It?s a very small building which is normally used for El Al and general aviation. Inside it was very crowded because the whole day were all kind of sightseeing flights scheduled. At the Condor counter we checked in and I asked the lady if it would be possible to sit in the Comfort Class, but she told me that on this Boeing is no Comfort Class. I was given seat 8K and we made our way to the gate were we meet some other spotters from DRS.
    To the aircraft we had to walk, which was a great opportunity to take some photos.
    We boarded the plane at the front door and had to walk through the Comfort Class which wasn?t on that plane ? regarding to the lady from check-in?
    Anyway, I sat down in the second row in economy class. Where I noticed that I and my neighbour didn?t have any safety cards. So I asked the F/A and she brought me one which went directly in my bag. The plane was fully booked and for those people on the middle-seats are some monitors in Condors 767 which are showing pictures from a nose camera.
    We took off very quickly and climbed up to 4000 feet. Then we started our Berlin-sightseeing tour. From the plane you could see many sights of Berlin and Potsdam. Some were the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor, Hotel Adlon, the Spree and Schloss Sanssouci.
    You can imagine that I was very surprised that we were served a drink and could choose between nuts and chocolate. That was a thing I never expected. I?ve flown longer and for more money without getting served some sweets. And I really like sweets?
    I also could see the airports Tegel (TXL) and Tempelhof (THF), Schoenefeld (SXF) was on the left side of the aircraft. The whole flight was a bit turbulent due to the fact that we were cruising only 4000 feet high.
    After around 50 minutes we landed very smooth at SXF. Later I heard that the captain wanted to do a go-around but made a normal landing because some children in the plane were puking. This would?ve been very funny.
    After reaching the gate we were allowed to take some pics of the cabin and to visit the cockpit. If I remember right the captain was from Dresden too and the co-pilot from Bautzen, a city not far away from Dresden. Nice to see two ?Ossis? in the cockpit!
    All in all it was a very nice flight and I enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks Condor for this cheap opportunity to fly on your 767.

    Our plane

    The Comfort Class

    The economy class

    The cockpit

    Tegel airport

    Tempelhof airport
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    Very interesting report, and again from first word to the very last one. Sehr grosshartige. Congrats.
    Yes open door is a correct translation, but to be sure, ask our friends and fellow members from the UK/USA/Australia/New Zealand/Canada
    So mindestens am Berlin Sie sind glücklichen ein Jahrlisches Events zu haben !
    So at least at Berlin, you have got lucky in getting such an annual event as this one !!!
    For sure in terms of spotting and other related things, Germany keeps being far ahead Frankreich !!!
    About the change of aircraft, in this country, it would have been used as an opportunity to cancel everything.
    I had the luck to get on board 9 joy-ride flights operated with big stuff, just one took place in France, this dates back to 1992
    Thanks for visiting
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      Thank you uy707.
      Hope the open door day will be this year too. And we'' have the ILA at SXF too thisyear. Should be good for spotting here at Germany this year...
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        "Open house" would probably be the more correct English translation, but in any event your English is a lot better than my German, which I actually used this week at the airport where the German Army runs the military terminal. "Ein kaffe bitte" and "danke" is about my limit. I visited Berlin in 2000 and had a great time, flew in and out of TXL from FRA on LH. I think I am going to visit a friend in Lahr (Schwartzwald) in March few days when I get some leave outofm this sheize (spelling??) place
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          "sheize" - correct: Scheisse...
          You should know this word very well if you want to visit Germany this year
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            I was close . Meaning taken.
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              Very nice report.

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                Originally posted by phtr88
                Very nice report.
                you kicked a Topic that's dead for almost a year, with this?!
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