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    Hi all

    I think its better to view it on my website (photos ect)

    To access the different flights just click on the airline logo under the schdule for that flight.

    Here is the copied and pasted version...

    Qantas flight 71 Perth to Singapore

    FLIGHT: QF 0071
    DATE: 07/12/03
    A/C TYPE: 747-438
    A/C AGE: 10 years
    FL: 36000ft
    Seat No: 73K

    I arrived at Perth airport quite early because I was meeting a friend who was flying to Bali. There was no line for check in so I was served immediately, although I think I was served by a trainee or something because there was another lady standing behind him and telling him what to do, so obviously it took a while, me wanting specific seats probably didnít help either. Anyway pretty much said goodbye to everyone and went straight in because my friendís flight was leaving soon. The departures werenít too bad when I first entered but it got busier later on. Said goodbye to my friend and looked around a few of the shops, although there isnít much there. A Singapore 777 (9V-SRK) arrived shortly after that, followed by the Qantas 744 which would be operating my flight. Then a Thai flight arrived in (Royal Barge, HS-TEK) then a Malaysian 777 came in (I cant remember when the Air New Zealand flight arrived in...) By this point all the gates were taken up and the terminal was quite full, I think this may be the busiest time for Perth International, around 2pm-4pm. As I was looking around the airport I noticed a line of fire engines coming towards us then, shore enough I heard them, I followed them across the terminal and they came to a stop next to the Singapore 777 which had already pushed back but had now returned to the gate (!) Nothing seemed to be happening so I returned to my seat near gate 1. Soon enough everyone stood up as it was scheduled boarding time, staff asked people to sit down, although no one did. Then the cabin crew arrived and as we were using gate 1(which in Perth has a sort of large hallway which eventually leads to the jet bridge) and everyone was standing there the cabin crew had quite a lot of difficulty getting past especially with there luggage. As soon as they announced boarding nothing really happened because everyone was already standing and ready, although I did see some business class passengers who had to wait behind all us economy folk, I tried to let them past but no one did in front of me so it was pretty pointless, I would be pretty peeved if I had paid that much for a ticket and had to line up! haha

    Finally I boarded and was pleased to see the entertainment system which I was expecting, the Qantas Cabin does look a lot better since the new refit, the last time I flew Qantas was in July 2002 all the seats were the same color which was quite boring. After settling down the captain came on and announced that they we were waiting for some last minute cargo to be put in the hold. An Emirates 777 then arrived in, it taxied and then just stopped then I realized that all the gates were taken up and it was obviously waiting for us, the Malaysian or the Singapore aircraft to leave, as we were all behind schedule. It sat there for a good while before it started to enter the international apron, I found this strange because no aircraft had left but then I realized the Malaysian 777 had been pushed back and while starting up the Emirates aircraft slipped in. The captain came on again and informed us about our situation... "Unfortunately because of the lovely design of this airport we have to wait until an aircraft leaves first before we can pushback, even though we are ready"

    Eventually we were at runway 21 and ready for departure. Takeoff was quite normal with nothing out of the ordinary. We took off and headed out towards the city with the Captain informing us that, we on the right would get a good view of the city. The FA's then handed out the menus and headsets before the entertainment system was turned on. Our two seats PTV's didnít work properly, with a message coming up saying our menu werenít working ect. The drink service started with me choosing coke which I received with some peanuts (I thought these werenít served on airlines anymore because of peoples reactions to nuts, I know they arenít really nuts but people can still be allergic) During our drink service we were steadily climbing to 35000ft. Then dinner was served which was either "Lamb braised with White wine, lemon and tomato" or "Honey Coriander Chicken" I had the chicken which was good and tasty, plus I was starving. Not much else happened during the flight but I just watched a movie (American Pie 3, the wedding) and then they came and collected the tray things and gave out a bottle of water. The only interesting thing was that the captain came on the PA and told us if we looked outside we could see the Malaysian aircraft which had left a few minutes before us from Perth, I found it amazing, it was a bit higher but as I scrambled for my camera it flew over the top of us, obviously turning more towards Kuala Lumpur. I hadnít seen anything else like it so I was happy! I canít really remember if they came around with another drink service at the end of the flight or not. My PTV still wasnít working properly though, I wasnít getting the menu so it meant that I couldnít play games or anything, all I could do was just browse through the channels manually. I did ask a F/A to see if they could fix it but they just reseted our seats and it still didnít work so they said there was nothing they could do. I was going to by a 747 model but when I asked a passing F/A she said they had closed the duty free, but then she said "And your not flying Qantas next so that could be a problem" I was a bit interested into how she knew I wasnít flying Qantas, I did ask but I didnít understand what she said so I replied that I would just get it on the return flight. (Does anyone know how she knew? Lucky guess? Just a quick question to anyone that knows but do F/A's ever get a list of people on board lets say ordered by age or people who might need extra attention? Me being 16 wouldnít have anything to do with it...would it?)

    Anyway we ended up arriving into Singapore at 2215, around 45mins late on runway 02. The crew welcomed us to Singapore, then thanked us for flying with Qantas and I left. We were parked in gate C21 and we used two jet bridges to exit the aircraft which was parked quite far out from the terminal. A few people were ushered onto a cart thing and were whisked away as they were holding up the departure of the Finnair flight, I walked to where the Finnair MD-11 aircraft was parked although by the time I got there it had left! Lucky they got the cart!

    British Airways flight 018 Singapore to London Heathrow

    FLIGHT: BA 018
    DATE: 07/12/03
    A/C TYPE: 747-436
    A/C AGE: 12 years
    FL: 36000ft
    Seat No: 32K

    I didnít really have much time in Singapore but I wasnít really interested in shopping so I just had a quick look before walking to terminal two, time was a bit shore so I just caught the train back and went straight to gate C13 where boarding was already underway for BA 018 to London Heathrow. Boarding was done through two jet bridges although of course only one was for business class/first.

    I entered the aircraft and as I walked to my seat I realized someone was in it, I stood there for a moment because I didnít really want to be rude but eventually it was sorted and I moved to my window seat. The headsets were already out so it was good that I could listen to music while I waited for pushback. The captain introduced himself and the rest of his flight crew in his "refined" British accent. Shortly after the cabin crew was introduced too. The crew directly in front were chirpy and when the call "cabin crew arm doors and crosscheck" came they did so and seemed in good form. The safety video was shown as well as the manual one by the cabin crew. Shortly after we took off after waiting for a bit of traffic to go before us. While climbing there seemed like a little bit of bad weather with a storm nearby which was interesting. Drinks were then served before dinner, which was something like Pork or Vegetarian I think? I chose the Pork which was announced to be Pork and rice although after digging my fork in I realized it was Potatoes but ah well I still enjoyed it and it was nice. After the meal I was going to watch a movie but I was too tired, the PTV wasnít as good as Qantas' with no games but it was still better than nothing. I slept for a few hours on and off before I decided I would go looking for some food and ask a F/A to give my logbook to the flight crew for completion.

    I didnít realize it but British Airways had like a snack bar in the galley, with all different types of chocolate, sweets, cupcakes, the small biscuit things instead of the peanuts. Most of the F/A's were nice although there were two who were more interested in socializing with each other rather than help me, they just handed me off to another F/A so it didnít really bother me. I grabbed some noodles and they added some hot water and I took some jelly tots, an Aero bar and some of those peanut replacement things (which by the way are really good! hmm) after that breakfast was served, which I think there was only one choice which was a Deli breakfast with a melted cheese and Tomato roll, which was quite good, along with a muffin and orange juice. Soon enough it was time to Buckle up for our arrival into London Heathrow. Headphones were collected and the entertainment was switched off.

    When we arrived into London (using runway 09L) it was nice to see Heathrow still asleep! We taxied around the airport which gave us a good view of all the different aircraft there. I then collected my flight log and headed off with all the crew saying goodbye, Immigration took ages, I knew I should have got my European passport before I left! Finally I got through it and collected my luggage before leaving via the Heathrow express to Paddington then connecting onto the Jubilee line to Canary Warf where I spent the next few days.

    Aer Lingus flight 173 London Heathrow to Dublin

    FLIGHT: EI 173
    DATE: 13/12/03
    A/C TYPE: 737-500
    A/C AGE: 14 years
    FL: 34000ft
    Seat No: 13C

    After spending a good few days in London it was time for me to continue onto Ireland. I ended up running a bit late so after catching the Heathrow express from Paddington I arrived at check in and was served immediately. Although there wasnít any window seats so I was a bit disappointed but I expected it because of the time I arrived. I went through security straight away and headed down to the gate, which happened to be right at the end of the concourse. I only had to wait another 45mins before the aircraft arrived in, although it was a bit late. Boarding started about 25mins later. While lining up for boarding I was stopped for a random security check, was a bit annoying but ah well you get that.

    I found my seat and just sat there looking around (I could see clearly out the left window as no one was sitting there yet) at flight after flight arrive in. The crew introduced themselves before pushback. They did the safety demo, as we were using runway 27L we were taxing for a while, there was also quite a few flights leaving before us, including United Airlines and an Air France flight which was on the parallel taxiway which lead to the runway. Take off was normal if not a bit bumpy and as soon as we reached ten thousand feet the service started which included drinks, I just got some water. The F/A did stop for a little chat as she was the one I had asked to give my logbook to the captain. She was very nice and was asking me what I had been up to and things like that. When I finished my drink I went to the toilet, first I went to the rear of the aircraft but the F/A said we were all welcome to use the one at the front so I did. Business class only had around 4 or 5 people in it, one of these being a British Airways flight attendant. Soon enough it was time for our descent into Dublin, I noticed that right up until the last stages of the seat belt sign being on, the business class F/A chatted with the BA F/A.

    We arrived into Dublin using runway 28 and on the way down the baby 737 swayed. We taxied to the gate and I thanked the F/A for the enjoyable flight. As I was the last to leave the aircraft the immigration officers were about to leave, they wanted to know what nationality I was, I told them how I was born in Ireland and they immediately let me go without checking passports or anything, but I suppose that is normal for flights originating from London.

    Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any comments and or Tips

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    Hi Graham
    Just off your web-site, enjoyed the reading and presentation.
    Thanks for visiting
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      i have a pic of VH-OJI in the database on the said date as it is lining up on 21 for departure to Singapore.

      next trips
      USA/DXB August.


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        i have a pic of VH-OJI in the database on the said date as it is lining up on 21 for departure to Singapore.
        AHA! I found you! I was going to send you an email asking if you have anymore photos of that flight leaving for Singapore??? If you look at the photo, I was sitting at the last window in the photo (well second last if you count the one of the rear door) I did video the takeoff and I was looking around for you but I couldnt find you! Ah well...thanks a lot for uploading that photo, its the first time there is a picture of me in an aircraft at the time.

        Thanks again, GOH


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          great, perth is a great airport for photography and when u take off over rottnest etc its great
          Some people in today's society are so thick!


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            Sorry Just made a few changes above and swapped the copied and pasted version into the original post!


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              Lovely trip report!
              Can't wait to go to Australia myself this Saturday... not going to Perth before Spetember 1st though
              Great photos too! Well done!


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                Excellent trip report. Wish you had some photos to share with us.
                I am very intrigued by the incident where your pilot informed you
                guys about another aircraft that was flying below you. It is very
                interesting and I look forward to moments like that. I remember
                when I was flying into LHR on MH008 last year, the pilot informed us of the delay to LHR due to the heavy traffic, so we were going in circles
                and I managed to spot a few airplanes flying below us, doing their circles too, a Swiss Air A320, and a small aircraft which I was not able to identify.

                On another note, I think PERTH has a great airport, small and convinient, but I still feel they should merge the two domestic and international terminal soon. I know they are planning to expand and merge the two terminals by 2008 or 2010 if I am not mistaken.

                Anyways, which service was better, QF or BA ?

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                  Hi MAS, if you follow the link: There are photos there.

                  As for Perth I can only agree with what our captain said, the airport wasnt designed very well! Well it could be worse, although I think no its getting quite busy and doesnt really have enough room, especially for our 747. Immigration is pretty bad especially at peak time but overall its a nice snug airport!

                  Yes, seeing another aircraft would be great on the way to Singapore, let alone an aircraft that had left 10 mins before us!

                  As for merging the airports...I think it would be a great idea although I wonder how many international passengers that connect to the domestic airport, Perth has the majority of the population of WA (using some geography terms!) It is a primate city, so it has more than 40% of the population and is 4 times bigger than the second largest city! haha

                  Thanks for reading and the comments!