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  • KC135 on Flightradar24

    Interested in knowing why Air Force KC-135's are able to be tracked.

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    They use the same adsb as civil airliners nowadays
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      Just as an aside, USAF C130'S, C17A and think USAF KC10'S now plot on SBS. You can also add Navy and Marine C130's now show as plotting..


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        Do we talk about all variants of the KC135?

        I mean, I am interested in jets who are as old as me. Four engines is not a disadvantage. So I fed the search engine with the word KC135. Et voila.

        Inaugurated August 1956, that's the KC-135A . But that's not the jet that appears on top of the KC-135 de wiki:

        Without that I read the text below that photo, I had said, that does not seem like a 737-100, i.e. not like an a/c which is so much older than me. The text below that photo is, after I translated it:
        One KC-135R, operated by the 'United States Air Forces in Europe'.
        Photo upload December 2006.

        What I understand is, the KC-135R is older than my nickname, inaugurated 1984.

        And even the KC-135A with that four '737-100 look alike' engines today in the year 2021 is able to appear on a flightradar website which is open for really everybody on this planet?

        Before I am hated again due to my use of a different language other than English, let me translate the KC-135 de wiki again:

        'In the USAF, jets of the a/c type KC-135 with an average age of more than 50 years are the oldest jets still active in the USAF,
        together with the Boeing B-52.'

        Well, that is a sign of hope, isn't it. Even in aviation, you can become 50 years old, and that's not yet the end... ..

        PS: An a/c type which is active since at least 1979, and which has been constantly modernized since then? Well, let me think about it for 15 minutes.

        I have not yet seen the cockpit of a KC-135R, but I know that my nickname flies with fmc and upper EICAS since 1989.
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          I was in love with the KC-10 a DC-10 but changed to become a military tanker.

          It was funny to see the photos of the boom below the third engine on the tail.

          We will see what is going to happen with Boeing 767 tanker


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            I’ve tracked Eurofighters on Flightradar. Very surprised


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              Yeah, eurofighters and many fighters that are involved in training appear in FR24
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