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  • LH-B744
    Do we talk about all variants of the KC135?

    I mean, I am interested in jets who are as old as me. Four engines is not a disadvantage. So I fed the search engine with the word KC135. Et voila.

    Inaugurated August 1956, that's the KC-135A . But that's not the jet that appears on top of the KC-135 de wiki:

    Without that I read the text below that photo, I had said, that does not seem like a 737-100, i.e. not like an a/c which is so much older than me. The text below that photo is, after I translated it:
    One KC-135R, operated by the 'United States Air Forces in Europe'.
    Photo upload December 2006.

    What I understand is, the KC-135R is older than my nickname, inaugurated 1984.

    And even the KC-135A with that four '737-100 look alike' engines today in the year 2021 is able to appear on a flightradar website which is open for really everybody on this planet?

    Before I am hated again due to my use of a different language other than English, let me translate the KC-135 de wiki again:

    'In the USAF, jets of the a/c type KC-135 with an average age of more than 50 years are the oldest jets still active in the USAF,
    together with the Boeing B-52.'

    Well, that is a sign of hope, isn't it. Even in aviation, you can become 50 years old, and that's not yet the end... ..

    PS: An a/c type which is active since at least 1979, and which has been constantly modernized since then? Well, let me think about it for 15 minutes.

    I have not yet seen the cockpit of a KC-135R, but I know that my nickname flies with fmc and upper EICAS since 1989.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-06-24, 23:15. Reason: 1979? I love jetphotos from that year.

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  • Sentinel
    Just as an aside, USAF C130'S, C17A and think USAF KC10'S now plot on SBS. You can also add Navy and Marine C130's now show as plotting..

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  • ErwinS
    They use the same adsb as civil airliners nowadays
    Last edited by ErwinS; 2021-01-12, 11:37.

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  • Gunmetalblue
    started a topic KC135 on Flightradar24

    KC135 on Flightradar24

    Interested in knowing why Air Force KC-135's are able to be tracked.