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    Interesting article here on the Afghanistan airlift at the end of August. I guess that the C-17s flew into Kabul with enough fuel for their return flights.
    Air Force C-17 pilots burnt out but proud after Afghanistan evacuation (

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    It makes sense, it was necessary to have enough fuel to leave the combat area and recover to a safe airport where to perform a safe refuel.

    Or (now I do not remember if this airplane can do air-to-air reful but I guess it is capable) they were going to Kabul to evacuate personnel and later perform an air-to-air refuel in a safe airspace with a USAF tanker and carry on until the mother base.

    Nobody would go there and remain blocked on the ground for lack of fuel in the tanks


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      Found this on the web

      “What makes the C-17 so valuable in a mission like this is the fact it’s diverse. It is air refuelable, airdrop capable and has the ability to fly great distances.”

      That distance spanned the length of the planet’s biggest ocean. Each Globemaster travelled more than 8,000 miles to reach Australia.