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The Myths Behind S.S. Challeger Tragedy

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  • The Myths Behind S.S. Challeger Tragedy

    Tomorrow (1/2 marks the 20th anniversary of the tragic final flight of Space Shuttle Challenger. Some of the forum members are probably too young to remember - or maybe not even born before January 28, 1986. I was Living in Houston, in Second Grade and remember that day vividly and I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. For those of you who are younger this is something I will always remember, like you will remember where you were when you heard about the 9/11/01 attacks. has some interesting points marking the anniversary, including an essay on several myths we have been lead to believe following the tragedy. For example, it's possible the Astronauts survived the explosion and did not meet their fate until hitting the ocean at a force of 200G's.

    Here are some pages that you can read and research. I found them to be very informative and eye-opening. I wanted to make my 4,000th post here meaningful.

    7 Myths About Challenger Disaster

    Deadly Space Lessons Go Unheeded

    The Fate of Challenger's Crew

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    This is a great post about a terrible accident.

    Although I wanst borin in 86', I remember my first time hearing about it in the tenth year aniversarry in 1996 and I was shocked. I watcjed the CNN presents mini-documentry on this accident.

    Condeolenses to all on board and all the crews Family members.


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      i was born in 1992 to i was obviously to young to know this.That looks very sad indeed R.I.P


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        remember this day too well. One of the astronauts(Christa McAuliffe) was a teach from NH where I am from. I was in History class and we were watching it on TV....

        I couldn't believe when I opened yesterday's paper it had already been 20 yrs.

        My wife called me on my way home from work when the other shuttle exploded over Tx on re-entry and I had that same sick feeling in my stomach listening to the news......