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Longbow testing in Halifax, NS.

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  • Longbow testing in Halifax, NS.

    Today whilst lounging around the house I heard what turned out to be (or what looked like) an Apache Longbow fly over my house. I know they do testing at CFB Shearwater in the winter for aircraft. This one had orange paneling on the top half, looked weird.
    If anyone know what type of testing they are doing, I'd love to know.

    PS - It seems that in recent years they are doing testing, I haven't noticed them before, as well with the Osprey which was doing winter testing a couple of years ago.
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    Go watch it is really a good show to see them. Awesome its the only helo I really want to fly in.

    I have a picture somewhere around here of me in one.


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      The Longobow is my fav chopper by far.


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        I heard that yesterday as well


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          One of my co-workers is a Captain in the Canadian military....he was at Shearwater last week and just told me last night about the Apache being there.

          Don't know what testing they are doing though.
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            IIRC, a Westland Apache AH.1 (the British Version) left the UK back in October for cold weather testing in Canada. That one had dayglo panels on it.