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New Su-34's for the Russians

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  • New Su-34's for the Russians

    Moscow, March 21 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's Air Force will receive a regiment of new Su-34 fighter-bombers by 2010, its head said Tuesday.

    "Under a three-year state contract, the Chkalov Aircraft Production Association [in Novosibirsk] ...will manufacture and deliver a regiment of Su-34 [NATO designation Fullback] fighter-bombers to the Russian Air Force," Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov said.

    Mikhailov said the Su-34 would replace the outdated Su-24 (NATO designation Fencer) frontline bomber.

    "Test flights of Su-34 fighter-bombers started at the beginning of 2006," Mikhailov said. "We have about 10 [Su-34s] in the Air Force at present."

    The Su-34 fighter-bomber is a two-seat strike aircraft equipped with twin AL-31MF afterburning turbojet engines. It is designed to deliver high-precision strikes at heavily guarded targets in any weather conditions, day or night.

    Its armament includes a 30mm GSh-301 cannon, up to 12 Alamo or Archer AAMs, ASMs, and bombs.

    "[The plane's] variable payload makes the Su-34 a unique aircraft capable of destroying almost any target," the Air Force Commander said.

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    Sweet, finally some real bombers for Russia. The SU-34 is an excellent plane, and will definitely be a major improvement for the Russian Air Force over the SU-24.