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Boeing Wichita delivers final RC-135....

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  • Boeing Wichita delivers final RC-135....

    Originally posted by PFSG-Davelock
    The 25th and final RC-135 aircraft to be modified with new CFM-56 fuel-efficient engines at Integrated Defense Systems in Wichita, Kan., was delivered to the customer Monday. "Re-engining these planes has extended their lives by decades, and it's going to be an amazing thing for the Air Force," said Col. Kenneth Moran, commander of the 827th Air Sustainment Group at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. The RC-135 is used as an electronic reconnaissance aircraft and is based at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.

    Photo caption - The final re-engined RC-135 delivered to the U.S. Air Force Monday from IDS Wichita is now 50 years old. (Ted Whiteside photo)

    Great .. Long live the 707 !

    Edit: Colin, never mind the question. Just enjoy the beauty.
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    Snoopy ! No idea on the question, but damn, on the 707, the CFMs look huge.


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      Originally posted by DAL767-400ER
      Snoopy ! No idea on the question, but damn, on the 707, the CFMs look huge.
      Yeah it makes it looks like overpowered or somethin. Just check the ground clearance. Its so unbelievable.
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          Nice post.

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            A great lookin aircraft


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              *Its not the same aircraft but similar re-engined as well.

              Just notice the ground clearance

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                Long live the 707 !
                The C-135 family is different to the 707 (narrower fuselage and different wings).


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                  You're right.... But big but.....!!!!!!!

                  Are you saying its not derivatived from the 707 Family ???

                  Edit: Though based on the 707, the C-135 family only differs in having a smaller diameter fuselage, no cabin windows, reduced weight, and lower passenger capacity.

                  Hence the Long live 707..
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                    The C-135 was built before the 707. Originally the 707 was going to be the same as the C-135 but Douglas designed the DC-8 to be wider than the C-135 so the 707 was made wider.


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                      This makes me wonder, could they do something like this with the B-52s?
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                        Cool looking plane, I haven't heard much about Boeing Wichita lately other then freighter conversions going on there.