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Space Shuttle Launch.

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  • Space Shuttle Launch.

    Does anybody know where I could find out about when the next Space Shuttle launch would be? I'm having a hard time finding out information and I'd like to see one before they're gone.

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    Its a crap shoot when the one after that goes up. If everything goes well then soon after. If not, it could be another year or two.


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      IIRC, I heard that the July launch has a 14 day window in which it could be launched, so obviously it'd be in the first two weeks of the month.



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        Thanks Kevin and Josh for the replies.


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          If you plan to go see a space shuttle launch... good luck. Back in July when I was in MCO and they launched the first one in a while, the whole 528 (Beeline Expressway) that goes from MCO to the Cape Canaveral area was a parking lot (the whole 50-60 miles or however long it is) the morning of the launch, I can't even imagine how the Cape Canaveral area must have been.

          Not sure how the next ones would be, but since they are getting pretty rare, I wouldn't be surprised to see large crowds all the time, especially in the summer when everyone is in MCO on vacation.