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F-14's could be redeployed

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  • F-14's could be redeployed

    But the flareup of violence between the Israeli army and Hezbollah and Hamas militias in Lebanon and Gaza led to a change in plans. The Navy, which had been planning to replace the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt's F-14 Tomcats with newer, more multi-dimensional F-18 Hornets, has decided to instead dispatch the carrier to the Middle East with its current squadron of F-14s - including the one promised to the museum

    wow, didn't think anything would make this happen seeing how expensive they are to keep in the air...

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    Damn! What a surprise!

    Actually keeping these birds in the air isnt as bad as you may think. The VF-31 had less than 20 mx hours per flight hour on what was to be thier last F-14 cruise, right on par with what the F/A-18 is advertised as. Also note the artical says the F-14 was not good at precision bombing, which is pure BS. The tomcat is just as good at bomb hauling as any other fighter, not to mention its better range/loiter time over the bug.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. It would be awsome to see the cat stick around a while longer, although we all wish it could be under better circumstances.


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      Wow, last thing I expected, even given the current situation. I'm sure the pilots will be glad to fire up their Tomcats for one last tour of duty.


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        OK guys, the official word is in...the news story is BS, the VF-31 is going to the boat for a week to participate in long-planned war games. Mueseum delivers have been suspended for now.
        In other tomcat news, word is NASA's request for 3 F-14's has been approved, although I'd take this news with a grain of salt...


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          A nice respite. The winged version of the good story of the old soldier who is called back to duty.
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