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The Empire is overstretched (USAF presence)

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  • The Empire is overstretched (USAF presence)

    I found this interesting article about USAF presence in Europe and Japan.

    Originally posted by From the article source at the bottom
    The value of all these new bases is debatable, but there is no question that the US Air Force is overstretched and must quickly trim excess bases overseas. Misawa AFB in far northern Japan no longer serves any purpose. There are 5200 US military personnel assigned to Misawa, along with 300 US civilian employees and 900 Japanese employees to keep just two F-16J squadrons forward-deployed. Japan has the most powerful Air Force in the Pacific and is no longer threaten by a Soviet invasion. The US military has five other major airbases in Japan. The small Navy detachment at Misawa can move to NAS Atsugi and any essential Air Force components can move to Yokota AFB, both near Tokyo. Since Misawa is also used by the Japanese military, it will not close and can reoccupied if the Russian bear ever becomes powerful and threatening. Meanwhile, moving those two F-16J squadrons elsewhere will save millions of dollars each year and free thousands of airmen for other duties.

    On the other side of the globe, the Air Force has 2000 airmen stationed with the 85th Group at US Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland. They support an outdated air defense mission carried out by F-15 fighter aircraft rotating every 90 days to Iceland. No sane person believes the Russians are going to attack this island, so why keep 2000 airmen there? This is actually a US Navy base, so the Air Force can easily cut F-15 optempo by ending this outdated mission and sending those 2000 airmen elsewhere.
    If they did relocated these excess air bases, or moved them back as when you look at it, where is the real threat? US have its allies, but like it said in the article, it should keep its forward strategic airbases like Aviano in Italy and Incirlik in Turkey.

    Originally posted by From the article source at the bottom
    Squadrons which relocate to the USA will not have to deploy to train as often, so family separation will be reduced while the Air Force save millions more dollars. The Air Force would also save millions of dollars each year with less overseas shipping of household goods, commissary and exchange goods, and base support items. Finally, pulling our of these bases will shift two billion dollars in annual US military spending to local communities in the USA. This is a win-win situation for everyone, except a few thousand Japanese, Icelanders, Germans, and British who will lose their jobs.

    Source :

    Yeah, that's too bad, but imagine hwo many americans will be freed and be with their families back 9in the states. But my whole point of sharing this interesting thread was how many millions, if not a couple of billions will the US Taxpayers save in total. Think about it. Billliiiiiiions !
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    Coming from a military family, I know for a fact that the US Military cannot by its very nature save money. We could easily save billions of dollars a year on the military and still have by far the world's most powerful. Unfortuntely, the military seems compelled to support the vicious cycle of military industrialism that Eisenhower warned us about 50 years ago.


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      Its true...any country that the US either liberates or defeats becomes home to a dozen or so military bases that were put there in the 40s and 50s because of the Soviet threat. The Soviets can barely keep their airlines in the air, I doubt they are a threat to anybody outside of their passengers anymore...

      I see no reason we shouldnt withdraw from unnecessary bases like those in Iceland and Northern Japan...we need the manpower here.