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Military airbase to LCC airport

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  • Military airbase to LCC airport

    BELGRADE, SERBIA - There has been much talk from the government of the Republic of Serbia on making Belgrade's Batajnica Military Airbase into a LCC airport.

    Many LCC have intentions in flying to and from Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia, with the first carrier, Serbian based, Centavia to do so very shortly to many cities throughout Europe with their 2 BAe 146 a/c. Germanwings will start flying to the Serbian capital from 2nd September to Bonn/Cologne, and have said they would fly into Batajnica Airbase if it ever became a dedicated LCC airport.

    Belgrade currently has a main international airport, located in Surcin, west of Belgrade, also known as Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG/LYBE). The airport currently serves around 2 million passengers per year, and is also home to Jat Airways, the national carrier, and many more, with flights to more than 50 destinations across 3 continents.

    Other airlines also intending to use the airbase is Jet2, Easyjet, Thompson Fly, Air Berlin and many others.

    Serbian government and the Belgrade council will shortly have a final decision on the future of the airbase.

    for more details about the airport, visit:

    JAT - More than flying